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Find the Antonym (Opposite Meaning): Authority and Order Words

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Authority and Order

authoritarian, autonomous, binding, buccaneer, cabal, canter, coerce, commandeer, compel, compulsive, compulsory, confiscate, conform, defiance, deploy, deterrent, dictatorial, disband, discretion, disorderly, efface, eliminate, faltering, fascism, headstrong, hound, impound, inculcate, inexorable, infraction, insubordination, interrogate, intimidate, martinet, obdurate, ossify, ostracize, parole, patent, patriarchy, penitentiary, pliable, poise, prescribe, proscribe, protean, protocol, reciprocal, repressed, restrained, restrictive, sanction, sangfroid, seclude, seize, sovereign, stoic, stooge, stringent, surveil, suspect, tactical, throttle, totalitarianism, transpose, volition

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