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Find the Antonym (Opposite Meaning): High School 1 Words

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High School 1

accord, aggressor, agitated, agony, ambiguity, amphitheater, antique, appalling, approve, arena, aroma, backbreaking, Casanova, channel, concept, conceptual, connect, constrain, controversy, coroner, crisis, crown, crucial, diseased, disillusionment, dogma, downsize, dredge, enrichment, fraternal, gather, groupie, guardian, haptic, harmless, hypothermia, ignite, imitation, impersonal, inanimate, inequality, inescapable, interlude, irrational, living, matrimony, methodology, misinterpret, moronic, multiculturalism, nativity, nonpartisan, octogenarian, outright, pedigree, perch, poorly, predominance, prone, pro-rata, railing, ransack, refreshing, regal, reserved, scrape, senseless, technophobe, token, unrepresentative, vandalize, vaporize, vengeance, vivacity, waiting

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