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Find the Antonym (Opposite Meaning): Middle School 10 Words

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Middle School 10

accumulate, auspicious, cajole, caricature, compelling, compile, conciliatory, condiment, crescent, cringe, deft, defunct, depict, deter, digest, discipline, disturb, domineer, duplicate, encounter, equatorial, equilibrium, exemplary, extract, familiar, figment, foremost, formula, gloat, hardy, hemisphere, incident, indent, innovate, interject, longitude, matinee, measure, meticulous, morph, oasis, omen, omission, panache, photon, plead, present, rapport, reciprocal, remedy, resonate, respite, revel, rudimentary, savor, spirit, spite, staunch, studious, suave, trait, undermine, verify, vignette, whittle

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