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The 7 Best Monster Truck Reading Books For Kids on Amazon

We chose seven popular Monster Trucks books from the Amazon bookstore to find out which is best. Here's what we found:




Format: paperbook, ebook

Number of pages: 32

Release date: May 2024

Reading Age: 3-8

"Monster Trucks in Space" by R. B. Skinner is a riveting children's book that encapsulates the dual thrills of space exploration, together with the excitement and intrigue of mighty monster trucks. This award-winning title skillfully combines educational content with fun, creating a unique reading experience that is both engaging and informative.

The book introduces young readers to the Space Explorers, a unique band of plucky monster trucks, each embarking on a different mission across the solar system. From Earth's orbit to the icy realms of Neptune, these monster trucks face challenges and embark on quests that are cleverly used to teach readers about the planets and moons they visit. The narrative employs rhyming text which adds a lyrical quality to the storytelling, making the scientific facts easy to remember and fun to learn.

What makes "Monster Trucks in Space" particularly appealing is its vibrant illustrations. Each page bursts with color and energy, bringing the celestial settings and their truck inhabitants to life. The depictions of the solar system are not only artistically captivating but also scientifically inspired, providing young readers with a visual feast that fuels their imagination.

Moreover, the book's educational value is significant. Each adventure is packed with intriguing facts about the solar system, presented in a way that is accessible to young minds. For instance, the adventures on Uranus and Io introduce concepts like atmospheric pressure and volcanic activity, respectively, without overwhelming the reader.

"Monster Trucks in Space" is more than just a children’s book; it is a gateway to space science and exploration. It encourages curiosity and learning through a narrative that is both fun and educational, making it a perfect addition to any young reader's library. Whether for bedtime reading or classroom exploration, this book is sure to inspire and educate future astronauts and scientists, making it a must-read for young enthusiasts of trucks and space alike.

Format: Hardcover

Number of pages: 24

Release Date: May 10, 2011

Reading age: 2- 4 year olds


"I'm a Monster Truck" is a delightful picture book that caters perfectly to young children fascinated by the colossal charm of monster trucks. Authored by Dennis R. Shealy and vibrantly illustrated by Bob Staake, this Little Golden Book, first published in 2011, captures the thrill and excitement that these giant vehicles inspire in the imagination of kids.

The story is simple yet captivating, presented through the perspective of a boisterous monster truck who describes his daily adventures. The text is rhythmic and engaging, making it an ideal read-aloud experience. Shealy employs playful language that not only entertains but also subtly educates, introducing young readers to various aspects of monster trucks such as their massive tires and powerful engines.

Bob Staake’s illustrations are a perfect complement to the text. His bright and bold art style imbues the book with energy and movement, drawing readers into a colorful world of roaring engines and cheering crowds. The illustrations are not only eye-catching but also help in reinforcing the text, making the book an interactive experience for pre-readers.

For parents and educators, "I'm a Monster Truck" is a fantastic tool to engage children and stimulate their interest in reading. Its durable hardcover format ensures that it can withstand the rough and tumble handling it might receive from enthusiastic young readers.

Overall, "I'm a Monster Truck" is a must-have for children who love trucks and are beginning to explore the joys of reading. This book not only entertains but also sparks imagination, making it a cherished addition to any child’s library.






Format: paperback

Number of pages: 32

Release date: August 30, 2019

Reading age: 7 - 10

Clive Gifford’s "Monster Trucks (Mighty Machines)" is an exhilarating dive into the powerful world of monster trucks, tailored for young readers with a passion for all things big and loud. Released as a paperback, this book serves as a comprehensive introduction to these gigantic machines, blending educational content with high-octane excitement.

Gifford’s expertise in writing children's informational books shines through as he expertly distills complex mechanical concepts into easily digestible explanations suitable for children. The text covers a wide range of topics related to monster trucks, including their design, the science behind how they operate, and the thrilling events where these trucks show off their capabilities. Each page is packed with fascinating facts that are sure to captivate young minds, such as details about truck parts, types of monster truck events, and famous trucks in the sport.

The book is also visually engaging. Although the illustrations are not specified, one can imagine that the typical layout includes vibrant and dynamic images that capture the essence and excitement of monster trucks in action. These illustrations likely complement the text by providing visual explanations of the mechanics discussed and showcasing the spectacle of monster truck rallies.

"Mighty Machines: Monster Trucks" is more than just a reading experience; it’s an educational tool that stimulates curiosity about physics and engineering. For children eager to learn about the raw power and science behind these awe-inspiring vehicles, Gifford's book is an excellent resource. It’s a must-read for any young enthusiast looking to deepen their understanding of monster trucks and the science that makes them so spectacular.





Format: hardcover, paperbook, ebook

Number of pages: 40

Release Date: October 9, 2018

Reading age: 2- 5


"Elbow Grease," authored by celebrated wrestler and entertainer John Cena and illustrated by Howard McWilliam, is a captivating picture book that introduces young readers to the world of monster trucks through an inspiring tale of determination and resilience. Published in 2018, this hardcover picture book quickly grabs the attention of its audience with its vibrant illustrations and an endearing underdog story.

The narrative centers on Elbow Grease, a small but plucky electric monster truck in a family of super-powered monster trucks. Unlike his brothers, who are built for speed and strength, Elbow Grease struggles with self-doubt due to his smaller size and slower speed. However, through grit and perseverance, he aims to prove that being quick isn't everything and that courage can carry one a long way. Cena's storytelling is straightforward yet effective, perfectly tailored to convey motivational themes to young children.

Howard McWilliam's illustrations play a significant role in the book’s appeal. His artwork is bold and expressive, perfectly capturing the emotional journey of Elbow Grease and the thrilling world of monster truck rallies. The colors are bright and engaging, making each page a joy to explore.

"Elbow Grease" is more than just a story about monster trucks; it’s a lesson in overcoming obstacles and believing in oneself. It’s ideal for young readers aged 3 to 7, especially those who face their own challenges. Cena’s ability to inspire and entertain is evident in this delightful book, making it a valuable addition to any child's library. Overall, "Elbow Grease" is a heartwarming read that encourages persistence and bravery, resonating with anyone who cheers for the underdog.

Format: paperback, hardcover

Number of pages: 32

Release Date: March 7, 2023

Reading age: 4-8 

Little Critter: Monster Truck," both authored and illustrated by Mercer Mayer, is an enchanting entry in the "My First I Can Read" series designed specifically for young readers taking their initial steps into the world of books. Released as part of a beloved series, this book combines simple sentences and engaging storytelling with familiar characters, making it an ideal choice for early readers.

In this adventure, Little Critter, the endearing and timeless character created by Mayer, discovers the exciting world of monster trucks. With his characteristic curiosity and enthusiasm, Little Critter immerses himself in a new hobby, learning about the different types of monster trucks and their features. The narrative is crafted to be both educational and entertaining, offering simple lessons about monster trucks within a framework that supports emerging reading skills.

Mercer Mayer’s illustrations are as charming and expressive as ever, filled with vibrant colors and whimsical details that capture the imagination of young readers. His ability to convey emotion and narrative through pictures complements the text perfectly, helping to guide readers through Little Critter’s latest escapade.

For parents and educators, "Little Critter: Monster Truck" is a valuable tool to engage children and inspire a love of reading. It not only entertains with its story but also educates, teaching vocabulary and reading skills in a fun and accessible way.

Overall, Mercer Mayer delivers another delightful book that is sure to be a hit with early readers. "Little Critter: Monster Truck" is an excellent addition to any child’s library, encouraging both reading skills and a passion for learning new things.


Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 43

Release Date: October 13, 2020

Reading age: 2-3


Go, Go, Monster Trucks!: A First Book of Trucks for Toddlers" by Bonnie Rickner Jensen is an engaging and colorful introduction to the world of monster trucks for the youngest of readers. Part of the "Go, Go Books" series, this book is designed to captivate toddlers with its vibrant illustrations and rhythmic, simple prose that makes reading a dynamic, interactive experience.

The book takes its readers on a roaring adventure, showcasing different monster trucks in action. Each page introduces a new truck with a unique trait, making it an excellent tool for teaching basic adjectives and action verbs. The text's repetitive and rhythmic nature helps toddlers anticipate and remember words, enhancing their language skills while keeping them entertained.


Illustrations in "Go, Go, Monster Trucks!" are particularly noteworthy. They are bright and bold, with cartoonish characters that appeal directly to a toddler's interests. The trucks are portrayed with friendly, inviting faces, transforming them from mere vehicles into relatable characters that children can love and cheer for.


Bonnie Rickner Jensen does a fantastic job of crafting a book that is not only fun but also educational. The interactive elements, such as prompts to find colors or count wheels, add an educational layer that supports early learning standards in a subtle, playful way.


Overall, "Go, Go, Monster Trucks!" is an excellent choice for parents and caregivers looking to introduce toddlers to books. Its combination of simple learning concepts, engaging storylines, and stunning visuals makes it a perfect first book for any child fascinated by the larger-than-life world of monster trucks.


Format: board book, hardcover, paperback

Number of pages: 32

Release Date: July 10, 2018

Reading age: 2- 4


Monster Trucks Board Book" by Anika Denise, with illustrations by Nate Wragg, is a delightful board book that introduces young readers to the exciting and boisterous world of monster trucks. Aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, this book combines simple storytelling with bold, colorful artwork to capture the imagination of its audience.

The story itself is fun and straightforward, focusing on a variety of monster trucks with different personalities and strengths. Each truck has a unique name and characteristic, making them stand out in the crowded field of children's vehicle books. Anika Denise's writing is perfectly pitched for young children, with rhythmic text that makes reading aloud a joy. The language is engaging and includes a gentle introduction to rhymes, which can help in developing phonemic awareness among young readers.

Nate Wragg's illustrations are a standout feature of this book. His artwork is vibrant and energetic, filled with rich colors and dynamic compositions that bring the monster trucks to life. Each page is a visual feast, capturing the action-packed excitement that monster trucks bring to the table.

This board book is not only a story about monster trucks; it's also a tool for early literacy. It invites interaction through its engaging narrative and vivid illustrations, making it an excellent addition to any young child's library. Whether at bedtime or during playtime, "Monster Trucks Board Book" is sure to entertain and educate, making it a perfect first book for little ones fascinated by these massive machines.

Monster Trucks In Space Front Cover
1st place rosette
Monster Trucks (Mighty Machines) front cover

#3. Monster Trucks (Mighty Machines) by Clive Gifford

I'm a Monster Truck (Little Golden Book) front cover

#2. I'm a Monster Truck (Little Golden Book) by Dennis R. Shealy (Author), Bob Staake (Illustrator)

Elbow Grease front cover

#4. Elbow Grease, by John Cena (Author), Howard McWilliam (Illustrator)

Little Critter: Monster Truck (My First I Can Read) front cover

#5. Little Critter: Monster Truck (My First I Can Read), by Mercer Mayer (Author, Illustrator)

Go, Go, Monster Trucks!: A First Book of Trucks for Toddlers front cover

#6. Go, Go, Monster Trucks!: A First Book of Trucks for Toddlers (Go, Go Books), 

by Bonnie Rickner Jensen (Author)

Monster Trucks, by Anika Denise front cover

#7. Monster Trucks, by Anika Denise (Author), Nate Wragg (Illustrator)

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