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Convoluted and Cryptic

aberration, alchemy, annuity, breakdown, Byzantine, cadence, circuit, circumlocution, climatic, collateral, compendium, complex, composite, conflate, consortium, convoluted, cryptograph, cumbersome, discursive, distil, doctrine, ductile, entwine, etymology, euphemism, examination, existentialism, extrude, farrago, ferment, filament, fusillade, gallimaufry, gobbledygook, gossamer, gradient, hotchpotch, imbroglio, infatuate, intricate, kaleidoscope, linguistics, mercurial, minutiae, motley, nested, paradox, pastiche, pattern, permutation, pluralism, procedure, process, prolix, puzzling, realm, recondite, rudiment, scheme, schizophrenia, scrutinize, semantics, sinuous, smitten, sophisticated, sphinx, syntax, system, temperamental, thermodynamics, tortuous, unintelligible, unravel

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