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Creativity and Originality

artistic, avant-garde, avatar, billow, bohemian, bonanza, calligraphy, caricature, charm, charming, choreography, conjure, conjuring, contraption, contrive, devise, distill, effulgent, enchant, envision, epithet, euphemism, flamboyance, flutter, fresco, gnome, harlequin, idiom, imbue, inspire, intricate, inventive, limerick, luminous, magnum-opus, metaphor, mirage, muse, novel, onomatopoeia, panache, parable, parody, proverb, reenact, retro, rhetoric, risqué, satirical, satirize, screwball, spectacle, symbol, synecdoche, tinker, tour-de-force, trope, unimaginative, versatile, virtuoso, wizardry, zeugma

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