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Deception and Trickery

adulterate, agent-provocateur, bamboozle, beguile, cabal, camouflage, canard, charade, charlatan, chicanery, collude, connive, conniving, conspiracy, deceit, deceitful, deceive, deception, decoy, defraud, delude, disguise, disinformation, dissemble, distort, doppelganger, dupe, duplicitous, elude, ensnare, equivocate, equivocation, fallacious, feign, finagle, foist, gaslight, hoax, hoodwink, imposter, launder, machination, misleading, misrepresent, obfuscation, pander, pretense, ruse, scheming, shill, subterfuge, swindle, tergiversation, treachery, trickery

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