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Complete Vocabulary List for: Discovery and Exploration

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Find the Correct Meaning: Discovery and Exploration

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Discovery and Exploration

aqueduct, artefact, ascend, aurora, cartography, chronicle, cognition, cognoscente, connoisseur, conundrum, deja-vu, delve, dermatology, detect, dissect, diversify, emanate, epigenetics, epiphany, epistemology, eureka, expedition, foreshadow, gastronomy, genome, habitat, haiku, immersive, inquisitive, inspiration, jejune, kaleidoscope, latent, linguistics, ornithology, panorama, penetrating, perspective, proverb, reconnaissance, reminisce, reveal, rummage, salient, scavenge, seismology, serendipity, singularity, sociology, sortie, specimen, surveil, syncretism, tale, theoretical, transmute, trinket, unknown, unveil

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