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High School 15

adjoining, alike, al-dente, avouch, await, bereave, blinkered, boulevard, brutal, caress, carpenter, cassock, cause, clement, connote, criterion, crude, derivative, detestation, deviation, digestible, discontinued, disembowel, disguise, divert, dormancy, ebb, envisage, expanse, febrile, flagging, fulcrum, garment, habitual, haggle, hemophobia, hopeful, indicative, indisposed, individuality, ingest, inoculation, lubricate, lunatic, malignant, maroon, masterful, miniature, offend, optimist, peace, pilgrimage, pitiable, potential, preponderant, privilege, profligacy, prophet, prudence, prudish, recourse, remiss, reverend, rival, rotate, sceptic, southpaw, stationary, submit, supernatural, synergy, territorial, undesirable, volucrine, warp

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