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Complete Vocabulary List for: Middle School 4

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Middle School 4

aghast, ambiguous, anecdote, archive, artist, ascend, aural, authentic, beg, benefactor, binding, canine, cohesion, common, comprehend, comrade, confine, considerate, context, critical, deficit, dilate, eager, embrace, energize, epitome, exhaust, extol, facet, fetid, fiasco, fluent, fortunate, gather, genre, glutton, granular, grapevine, grimace, gripe, heed, herbivore, inclined, inquisitive, interface, lament, list, love, luminous, neglect, pause, prerequisite, regardless, reprimand, retort, shabby, sincerity, slot, status-quo, strict, stun, synopsis, twilight, unkempt, upright

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