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Prefix com-

comatose, combat, combatants, combative, combination, combine, combust, combustion, comeuppance, comforting, command, commandeer, commemorate, commend, commendation, commensurate, commercial, commiserate, commiseration, commission, commit, commitment, committed, common, commorancy, commotion, communicative, communism, commute, compact, companion, comparable, compassion, compassionate, compatible, compatriot, compel, compelling, compendious, compendium, compensate, compensation, competent, competitor, compilation, compile, complacent, complaisant, complement, complementary, complete, complex, compliant, complicated, complicit, compliment, complimentary, comply, component, comport, comportment, composed, composite, composition, composure, compos-mentis, compound, comprehend, comprehensible, comprehension, comprehensive, comprise, compromise, compulsion, compulsive, compulsory, compunction, comrade

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