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Prefix pre-

preacher, preamble, precariat, precarious, precede, precedent, preceding, precept, precinct, precipice, precipitate, precipitation, precipitous, precision, preclude, precocious, precursor, predecessor, predicament, predicate, predilection, predispose, predisposed, predominance, predominant, preeminent, preempt, preface, prefatory, preferential, prefigure, prefix, prehensile, prehistoric, prejudice, preliminary, prelude, premature, premeditated, premise, premonition, prenatal, preoccupied, prepare, preponderance, preponderant, preposterous, prequel, prerequisite, prerogative, presage, prescient, prescribe, presence, present, presentiment, preservation, preservative, preserve, preside, pressing, prestige, prestigious, presumption, presumptuous, presuppose, presupposition, pretended, pretender, pretense, pretentious, pretext, prevail, prevailing, prevalence, prevalent, prevaricate, preventive, previous

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