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SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

acerbic, ad-nauseam, ally, alma-mater, auricular, bourgeois, brevity, canard, civility, conformist, conjectural, connote, contrition, coup-de-grace, disparaging, dispossess, doddery, epitaph, erstwhile, esophagus, ethical, exhume, expectant, gnaw, idiosyncratic, immemorial, impassive, indoctrination, indolence, inflation, inflection, intimidating, irregularity, junkie, lethargy, lumber, lunar, machination, maudlin, medieval, memorandum, metrological, misdate, motif, objectify, odometer, pelagic, permissive, pervade, philanthropy, posterior, predilection, profusely, progressive, providential, quadrangle, quotient, ransack, recusant, regiment, repellent, scintillating, sidle, Stygian, suffrage, supernal, tarpaulin, trinity, turnstile, unbeknown, unleash, versed, vertex, virtue, zeitgeist

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