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Seduction and Allure

adorn, allure, amorous, ardent, arouse, attractive, avant-garde, avarice, avid, beautiful, besotted, buxom, captivate, charm, cheapen, cherish, coitus, concupiscent, covet, covetous, covetousness, crave, cupidity, delectable, deluxe, demand, desire, eager, emotive, encore, enthral, enthusiast, euphoric, exemplary, extraordinary, fantasy, fiend, fondness, fresco, gaudy, glutton, hankering, haven, highbrow, impassioned, irresistible, keen, libido, passionate, photogenic, precocious, prurient, riveting, seduce, sensuous, skimpy, smitten, sphinx, titan, titillate, tryst, vehement, voluptuous, yearn, yearning

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