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refraining, indulgent, unrestrained, excessive



How to pronounce abstinent (audio)

Dictionary definition of abstinent

Characterized by the deliberate and voluntary avoidance or restraint from indulging in certain actions, substances, or behaviors, often for moral, religious, or health-related reasons.
"The religious leader practiced an abstinent lifestyle as part of their spiritual commitment."

Detailed meaning of abstinent

It implies the act of abstaining or refraining from engaging in activities that are typically deemed pleasurable, satisfying, or addictive. When someone is described as abstinent, it signifies their conscious choice to resist or abstain from specific behaviors or substances that are considered potentially harmful, addictive, or morally questionable. This adjective is frequently used in the context of abstaining from alcohol, drugs, or sexual activity. Abstinent individuals exhibit self-discipline, willpower, and often adhere to personal or cultural values, commitments, or principles that guide their decision to avoid certain behaviors or substances.

Example sentences of abstinent

1. He leads an abstinent lifestyle, avoiding alcohol and tobacco.
2. Her abstinent diet excludes processed foods and sugars.
3. Many athletes remain abstinent from alcohol during training.
4. His abstinent choice stems from religious beliefs.
5. She's committed to an abstinent approach to dating.
6. The rehab program promotes an abstinent lifestyle.

History and etymology of abstinent

The adjective 'abstinent' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'abstinens,' which is the present participle of 'abstinere.' In Latin, 'ab' means 'away from,' and 'tenere' means 'to hold' or 'to keep.' Therefore, 'abstinere' meant to hold oneself back or to refrain from something. Originally, it was used in a general sense but later came to be associated with the deliberate and voluntary avoidance or restraint from certain actions, substances, or behaviors, often for moral, religious, or health-related reasons. This concept carried over into English, where 'abstinent' describes someone characterized by the act of refraining or abstaining, particularly when it pertains to self-discipline or moral principles. The etymology of 'abstinent' underscores its historical connection to the idea of consciously holding back or keeping oneself from indulgence, emphasizing the deliberate nature of this restraint.

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Further usage examples of abstinent

1. He's been abstinent from gambling for a year.
2. The monks practice an abstinent existence.
3. Abstinent living often leads to improved health.
4. Her abstinent choices align with her ethical values.
5. Abstinent decisions can lead to greater self-control.
6. He's chosen an abstinent path for mental clarity.
7. They support each other in their abstinent journey.
8. Abstinent choices can enhance spiritual growth.
9. The clinic helps individuals maintain an abstinent life.
10. An abstinent lifestyle promotes emotional well-being.
11. She's pursuing an abstinent approach to technology.
12. Abstinent choices can lead to weight loss.
13. The group discusses challenges in staying abstinent.
14. Abstinent living can lead to a longer, healthier life.
15. He remained abstinent from alcohol throughout the party.
16. She made a conscious choice to lead an abstinent life, free from the temptations of drugs.
17. The recovering addict celebrated one year of being abstinent from substances.
18. They decided to be abstinent until marriage, honoring their religious beliefs.
19. The support group provided a safe space for abstinent individuals to share their experiences.
20. He joined a program that promoted an abstinent lifestyle to overcome his gambling addiction.
21. The health professional emphasized the importance of practicing safe and abstinent sex.
22. She celebrated her 100th day of being abstinent from smoking cigarettes.
23. The organization provided resources and support for people striving to live an abstinent life.
24. He took pride in his abstinent choices, focusing on his physical and mental well-being.
25. The speaker shared their personal journey of becoming abstinent from unhealthy eating habits.



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