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How to pronounce accomplish (audio)


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Dictionary definition of accomplish

To successfully complete or achieve a task, goal, or objective.
"He worked diligently to accomplish his long-term career goals."

Detailed meaning of accomplish

It involves bringing about a desired result through effort, skill, or determination. When someone accomplishes something, they effectively carry out or fulfill a specific purpose, often overcoming obstacles or challenges along the way. It implies the successful execution of a plan, the attainment of a target, or the realization of a desired outcome. Accomplishing something can encompass a wide range of activities, whether they are physical, intellectual, creative, or professional in nature. It signifies the act of reaching a state of accomplishment, indicating a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, or achievement. Individuals strive to accomplish various endeavors, such as completing a project, winning a competition, acquiring new skills, or making progress towards personal or professional goals. Ultimately, the verb "accomplish" denotes the successful completion of an endeavor, highlighting one's ability to bring about a desired outcome through dedication and effort.

Example sentences containing accomplish

1. She worked tirelessly to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor.
2. It took years of hard work to accomplish that level of expertise.
3. We must set clear goals to accomplish our mission.
4. With determination, you can accomplish anything.
5. The team collaborated to accomplish the project ahead of schedule.
6. He hoped to accomplish a lot during his vacation.

History and etymology of accomplish

The verb 'accomplish' finds its origins in the Latin word 'accomplere,' which combines 'ad' (to) and 'complere' (to fill or complete). This etymological origin beautifully reflects the meaning of the word, as 'accomplish' entails the act of filling or completing a task, goal, or objective successfully. As the term made its way through Old French and Middle English, it retained this fundamental sense of achieving something and making it whole or complete. Thus, the etymology of 'accomplish' underscores its historical association with the successful completion of tasks and objectives, making it a fitting word to describe such achievements.

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Further usage examples of accomplish

1. It's essential to stay focused to accomplish your goals.
2. We need a plan to accomplish this ambitious project.
3. She was proud to accomplish her long-term career goals.
4. The athlete's dedication allowed her to accomplish greatness.
5. Together, we can accomplish more than we can alone.
6. It's satisfying to accomplish tasks on your to-do list.
7. They worked together to accomplish a record-breaking feat.
8. The group will meet tomorrow to discuss how to accomplish the task.
9. His determination helped him accomplish the seemingly impossible.
10. A positive attitude can help you accomplish your objectives.
11. To accomplish this, we'll need to allocate more resources.
12. The team's unity allowed them to accomplish their mission.
13. Hard work and perseverance are key to accomplishing your dreams.
14. The project manager helped the team accomplish their goals on time.
15. The team collaborated effectively to accomplish the project ahead of schedule.
16. With determination, he managed to accomplish the difficult task.
17. Despite facing numerous challenges, they were able to accomplish their mission.
18. The student studied diligently to accomplish good grades in the exam.
19. The athlete trained for months to accomplish a new personal record.
20. The organization's volunteers came together to accomplish their charitable mission.
21. She set clear objectives to accomplish during her vacation.
22. Through teamwork and perseverance, they accomplished a major breakthrough.
23. The artist devoted hours of practice to accomplish a stunning masterpiece.
24. With careful planning, they were able to accomplish their financial targets.
25. The CEO acknowledged the team's efforts to accomplish their sales targets.



achieve, fail, forfeit, abandon


Suffix -ish, Ambition and Drive, Wholeness and Completion, Endeavor and Pursuit, Success and Achievement

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