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How to pronounce accomplished (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'accomplished'

Having attained a high level of skill, expertise, or proficiency in a particular area or multiple areas.
"The accomplished writer has published several best-selling novels."

Detailed Meaning of 'accomplished'

It signifies that the person has successfully achieved notable accomplishments, demonstrating competence and mastery in their chosen field or endeavors. An accomplished individual is often recognized for their exceptional abilities, talent, and achievements, which may include a track record of successful projects, significant contributions, or noteworthy performances. They possess a wide range of knowledge, experience, and capabilities that set them apart from others. Whether it pertains to a musician, artist, athlete, scholar, or professional in any domain, being accomplished implies a combination of both natural aptitude and dedicated effort. Such individuals are respected and admired for their remarkable skills and accomplishments, serving as inspirations and role models for others striving to excel in their own pursuits.

History and Etymology of 'accomplished'

The adjective 'accomplished' shares its etymological roots with its verb counterpart, 'accomplish.' It can be traced back to the Latin word 'accomplere,' which is a combination of 'ad' (to) and 'complere' (to fill or complete). This etymology eloquently conveys the essence of being accomplished, as it implies that someone has filled or completed their journey toward a high level of skill, expertise, or proficiency in a particular area or multiple areas. Over time, as the term evolved through Old French and Middle English, it came to represent individuals who have successfully attained mastery and completeness in various fields, making it a fitting descriptor for those who excel in their pursuits.

Examples of 'accomplished' in a Sentence

1. He's an accomplished artist, known for his innovative techniques.
2. The accomplished surgeon saved countless lives throughout her career.
3. The accomplished actor received critical acclaim for his latest role.
4. An accomplished architect, she designed iconic buildings worldwide.
5. She's an accomplished linguist, fluent in six languages.
6. An accomplished diplomat, he negotiated several peace treaties.
7. The accomplished dancer's performance left the audience in awe.
8. He's an accomplished photographer, capturing stunning landscapes.
9. An accomplished mathematician, she solved the unsolvable equation.
10. The accomplished designer's fashion creations are celebrated globally.
11. He's an accomplished historian, authoring best-selling books.
12. The accomplished pilot safely navigated the turbulent weather.
13. She's an accomplished surgeon, specializing in rare procedures.
14. An accomplished entrepreneur, he founded several successful startups.
15. She is an accomplished pianist, having won numerous international competitions.
16. The accomplished artist's paintings are exhibited in galleries around the world.
17. As an accomplished surgeon, he has successfully performed countless complex procedures.
18. The accomplished athlete set a new world record in the marathon.
19. He is an accomplished chef, known for his exquisite culinary creations.
20. The accomplished scientist made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of astrophysics.
21. She is an accomplished dancer, trained in various styles from ballet to hip-hop.
22. The accomplished architect designed iconic buildings in major cities.
23. The accomplished lawyer has a reputation for winning difficult cases.
24. He is an accomplished photographer, capturing breathtaking images from around the world.
25. The accomplished engineer developed innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.





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