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How to pronounce acquisition (audio)

Dictionary definition of acquisition

The act of obtaining or gaining control over something, such as a company, property, or asset.
"The strategic acquisition allowed the business to enter new markets."

Detailed meaning of acquisition

It involves the purchase or takeover of one entity by another, often with the aim of expanding operations, diversifying offerings, or gaining a competitive advantage. Acquisitions can occur through various means, including mergers, buyouts, or strategic partnerships. The process typically involves negotiations, due diligence, and legal documentation to ensure the smooth transition of ownership and integration of the acquired entity into the acquiring company. Acquisitions can significantly impact the market landscape, industry dynamics, and the overall business strategy of the parties involved, shaping their growth and future prospects.

Example sentences of acquisition

1. The acquisition of the new company boosted our market presence.
2. Their latest acquisition is a historic downtown building.
3. The acquisition of real estate properties requires careful planning.
4. This acquisition will help us expand our product line.
5. She led the successful acquisition of three startups.
6. The acquisition of the rare painting was a significant investment.

History and etymology of acquisition

The noun 'acquisition' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'acquisitio,' which is derived from 'acquirere.' 'Acquirere' is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'quaerere,' meaning 'to seek' or 'to obtain.' Therefore, 'acquisition' originally meant 'the act of seeking to obtain' or 'the process of obtaining.' As the term evolved, it came to signify the act of obtaining or gaining control over something, such as a company, property, or asset. Its etymology reflects the fundamental concept of actively pursuing and securing ownership or control of valuable entities, emphasizing the process of acquisition as a significant aspect of business, finance, and ownership.

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Further usage examples of acquisition

1. Our recent acquisition has strengthened our position in the industry.
2. He oversaw the acquisition of valuable art for the museum.
3. The acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong pursuit.
4. Acquisitions often involve complex negotiations.
5. The acquisition of the competitor's assets was strategic.
6. We need to discuss the terms of the acquisition.
7. The acquisition of the championship title was their goal.
8. This acquisition will enhance our research capabilities.
9. He played a key role in the company's acquisition strategy.
10. The acquisition of the antique car collection was a milestone.
11. We need to evaluate the financial impact of the acquisition.
12. She was responsible for due diligence in the acquisition process.
13. The acquisition of the historic landmark was a community effort.
14. Acquisitions can reshape the landscape of an industry.
15. The company's latest acquisition boosted its market share significantly.
16. The merger resulted in the acquisition of several new subsidiaries.
17. The CEO announced the successful acquisition of a key competitor.
18. The acquisition of state-of-the-art technology enhanced the company's product offerings.
19. The board of directors approved the acquisition proposal unanimously.
20. The company's growth strategy heavily relied on targeted acquisitions.
21. The acquisition of prime real estate positioned the company for future expansion.
22. The legal team handled all the paperwork associated with the acquisition.
23. The due diligence process revealed valuable insights about the potential acquisition.
24. The shareholders were pleased with the acquisition's positive impact on stock prices.
25. The acquisition of a talented workforce played a crucial role in the company's success.



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