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commendable, deplorable, contemptible, reprehensible



How to pronounce admirable (audio)

Dictionary definition of admirable

Worthy of admiration, respect, or approval.
"The young athlete's discipline and commitment to training are admirable traits."

Detailed meaning of admirable

It signifies qualities, actions, or achievements that are commendable, praiseworthy, or deserving of high regard. When something is described as admirable, it implies that it possesses qualities that inspire admiration, such as being morally upright, courageous, talented, or displaying exceptional character. This term is often associated with individuals who exhibit noble virtues, exemplary behavior, or remarkable accomplishments. An admirable person is someone who serves as a positive role model and is respected for their admirable qualities and actions by others in their community or society.

Example sentences of admirable

1. Her dedication to charity work is truly admirable.
2. His relentless pursuit of knowledge is admirable.
3. The firefighter's bravery in the blaze was admirable.
4. Your patience in difficult situations is admirable.
5. The team's spirit and cooperation were admirable.
6. Her commitment to environmental causes is admirable.

History and etymology of admirable

The adjective 'admirable' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'admirabilis,' which is formed by combining 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'mirabilis,' meaning 'wonderful' or 'marvelous.' Therefore, 'admirable' originally meant 'worthy of wonder' or 'deserving of astonishment.' Over time, it evolved to describe something or someone as worthy of admiration, respect, or approval. Its etymology highlights the idea that which is so exceptional or impressive that it elicits a sense of wonder and esteem, emphasizing the qualities and characteristics that make it deserving of praise and admiration.

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Further usage examples of admirable

1. Their honesty and integrity are truly admirable.
2. The artist's talent and creativity are admirable.
3. His leadership qualities are highly admirable.
4. Your perseverance through adversity is admirable.
5. The teacher's passion for education is admirable.
6. The chef's culinary skills are truly admirable.
7. Their teamwork in the face of challenges is admirable.
8. The athlete's discipline and hard work are admirable.
9. Your dedication to family is truly admirable.
10. The volunteer's selflessness is highly admirable.
11. His generosity in helping others is admirable.
12. The musician's talent and dedication are admirable.
13. Her kindness and compassion are truly admirable.
14. Their commitment to social justice is highly admirable.
15. Her dedication to her work is truly admirable.
16. The teacher's patience and understanding towards her students are admirable qualities.
17. He showed admirable courage in the face of danger.
18. Their charitable efforts to help the less fortunate are truly admirable.
19. I find her ability to stay calm under pressure to be quite admirable.
20. His perseverance in pursuing his dreams is truly admirable.
21. The soldier's bravery on the battlefield was nothing short of admirable.
22. Her selflessness and willingness to help others are truly admirable.
23. I admire his strong work ethic and determination to succeed.
24. The way she handled the difficult situation was admirable and showed great maturity.
25. Their unwavering loyalty to their friends is an admirable quality.



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