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How to pronounce adulation (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'adulation'

Excessive praise or admiration given to someone, often in an exaggerated or fawning manner.
"The film received great adulation from audiences around the world."

Detailed meaning of 'adulation'

It can also refer to the act of showing or expressing such excessive praise or admiration. Adulation is often given to people who are admired or respected, and is often seen as a sign of high regard or respect. However, it can also be seen as insincere or excessive, and may not always be genuine.

History and etymology of 'adulation'

The noun 'adulation' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'adulatio,' which means 'flattery' or 'excessive praise.' Latin 'adulatio' itself is derived from the verb 'adulari,' which means 'to fawn upon' or 'to flatter.' This etymology suggests that 'adulation' is rooted in the idea of insincere or exaggerated praise given to someone, often with the intention of gaining favor or influence. Over time, the term has retained this sense and is used to describe the act of showering excessive admiration or praise on an individual, sometimes to the point of being insincere or obsequious. The etymology of 'adulation' thus reflects its historical association with flattery and the notion of offering praise that may not be entirely genuine.

Example sentences containing 'adulation'

1. The artist was accustomed to receiving adulation for her work.
2. The scientist was praised and received adulation for her groundbreaking research.
3. The teacher was admired and received adulation from students and colleagues alike.
4. The writer received adulation for her best-selling novel.
5. The chef was hailed as a genius and received adulation for his innovative dishes.
6. The designer received adulation for her fashion line at the annual fashion show.
7. The philanthropist was admired and received adulation for her charitable work.
8. The entrepreneur received adulation for his successful business ventures.
9. The musician received adulation for her contributions to the music industry.
10. The athlete received adulation for his impressive performance at the Olympics.
11. The actor's adulation from fans sometimes borders on obsession.
12. The politician reveled in the adulation of the crowd.
13. Her talent earned her the adulation of the art world.
14. The athlete was humbled by the adulation of young fans.
15. He remained grounded despite the adulation of the media.
16. The singer basked in the adulation of her devoted followers.
17. The teacher deserved the adulation of grateful students.
18. Excessive adulation can lead to an inflated ego.
19. The author's humility was refreshing amidst the adulation.
20. He handled fame and adulation with grace and humility.
21. The artist's work received worldwide adulation.
22. The president's policies garnered both support and adulation.
23. The adulation of the crowd brought tears to her eyes.
24. Some celebrities struggle with the pressures of constant adulation.



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