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loving, cold, indifferent, unfeeling



How to pronounce affectionate (audio)

Dictionary definition of affectionate

Displaying a genuine and warm affection or fondness towards others.
"The little girl gave her grandmother an affectionate kiss on the cheek."

Detailed meaning of affectionate

It denotes a tendency or capacity to show love, care, and tenderness in both words and actions. When someone is described as affectionate, it implies that they openly express their feelings of love and appreciation towards others. They may engage in physical displays of affection, such as hugging, holding hands, or cuddling, as well as offer kind words, compliments, or acts of kindness. Affectionate individuals tend to prioritize nurturing and maintaining close relationships, and they are often seen as loving, attentive, and supportive. This adjective captures the quality of being warm-hearted, loving, and genuinely interested in the well-being and happiness of others.

Example sentences of affectionate

1. Their affectionate gestures melted hearts at the reunion.
2. She's known for her affectionate nature and warm smile.
3. The puppy's affectionate nuzzling brought joy to the family.
4. An affectionate hug can brighten someone's day.
5. The couple's affectionate relationship is a model for others.
6. His affectionate words reassured her during tough times.

History and etymology of affectionate

The adjective 'affectionate' shares its etymological origins with the noun 'affection.' It comes from the Latin word 'affectionatus,' which is formed from 'affectionem,' the past participle of 'afficere,' meaning 'to affect' or 'to influence,' and the suffix '-atus,' indicating possession or quality. Therefore, 'affectionate' originally signified possessing or displaying the quality of being affected or influenced in an emotional or personal manner. In modern English, 'affectionate' describes someone who displays genuine and warm affection or fondness towards others, highlighting the quality of expressing care, love, and tenderness in their interactions. Its etymology underscores the idea of the emotional influence that drives one to show warmth and tenderness in their relationships and interactions with others.

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Further usage examples of affectionate

1. Affectionate pets offer companionship and love.
2. The grandparents share an affectionate bond with the grandkids.
3. Her affectionate letters kept their love alive during separation.
4. An affectionate pat on the back can boost morale.
5. He's an affectionate father who cherishes family time.
6. The cat's purring is a sign of its affectionate nature.
7. Affectionate friendships often last a lifetime.
8. The child's affectionate laughter echoed through the room.
9. An affectionate glance can convey deep emotions.
10. Their affectionate banter is a testament to their friendship.
11. The elderly couple held hands in an affectionate embrace.
12. Affectionate nicknames are a sign of closeness.
13. The dog's wagging tail is a symbol of its affectionate spirit.
14. Affectionate gestures strengthen relationships and bonds.
15. The couple shared a deep and affectionate bond.
16. The cat was known for being affectionate and loved to cuddle with its owner.
17. She had an affectionate nature and always greeted her friends with warm hugs.
18. The dog wagged its tail in an affectionate greeting whenever someone approached.
19. He was known for his affectionate and loving nature towards animals.
20. The couple's affectionate gestures towards one another melted the hearts of those around them.
21. The siblings had an affectionate relationship and always supported each other.
22. The child showed his affectionate nature by constantly holding his mother's hand.
23. The elderly couple held hands and shared affectionate glances as they walked together.
24. The cat purred loudly, a sign of its affectionate contentment.
25. She wrote a heartfelt and affectionate letter to express her love and gratitude.



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