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How to pronounce affiliated (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'affiliated'

Officially or closely associated with a particular organization, institution, group, or individual.
"The company's affiliated branches around the world ensure global market presence."

Detailed Meaning of 'affiliated'

When something or someone is affiliated, it indicates a formal or informal connection, partnership, or membership. This affiliation often implies a mutual agreement or consent between the parties involved, where they acknowledge and support each other's objectives, values, or interests. Being affiliated can involve sharing resources, collaborating on projects, or representing a common cause. It signifies a relationship that goes beyond mere casual or incidental interactions, highlighting a more structured and intentional bond.

History and Etymology of 'affiliated'

The adjective 'affiliated' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'affiliare,' which is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'filius,' meaning 'son.' In its original Latin sense, 'affiliare' meant 'to adopt as a son' or 'to be connected as family.' Over time, this term transitioned into English as 'affiliated,' signifying an official or close association with a particular organization, institution, group, or individual. 'Affiliated' describes the state of being formally connected or linked, often implying a sense of partnership or membership. Its etymology underscores the idea of being part of a larger family or group, emphasizing the bond and connection that affiliation represents.

Examples of 'affiliated' in a Sentence

1. They are affiliated with a respected medical association.
2. The club is affiliated with a famous music label.
3. The school is affiliated with a national accreditation body.
4. She is affiliated with a prominent environmental group.
5. The company is affiliated with a leading tech consortium.
6. They are affiliated with influential political figures.
7. The hospital is affiliated with cutting-edge research centers.
8. The organization is affiliated with international NGOs.
9. The team is affiliated with esteemed academic institutions.
10. He is affiliated with influential business networks.
11. The club is affiliated with renowned fashion designers.
12. The university is affiliated with respected alumni.
13. She is affiliated with an illustrious literary magazine.
14. The company is affiliated with innovative startups.
15. The university has multiple affiliated research institutes dedicated to various fields of study.
16. She is an affiliated member of the local art society and regularly exhibits her paintings.
17. As an affiliated organization, they receive funding and support from the parent company.
18. The website provides a list of affiliated retailers where customers can purchase their products.
19. The politician was accused of accepting donations from affiliated interest groups.
20. The hospital has an affiliated medical school that offers specialized training to aspiring doctors.
21. Students who are affiliated with the university have access to a wide range of academic resources.
22. The organization works closely with affiliated charities to address social issues in the community.
23. The sports team is affiliated with a professional league, giving them opportunities for advancement.
24. The conference brings together experts and researchers from affiliated institutions to discuss the latest scientific discoveries.
25. The bookstore offers discounts to affiliated members of the alumni association.





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