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How to pronounce affirmative (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'affirmative'

Expressing agreement, confirmation, or a positive response.
"The jury gave an affirmative nod, indicating they had reached a unanimous decision."

Detailed Meaning of 'affirmative'

When applied to a statement or action, it signifies a clear and definite affirmation or approval. It implies a willingness to support or comply with a given proposition, idea, or request. In conversations or discussions, an affirmative response indicates consent or a positive acknowledgment of what has been said or asked. It can also pertain to an attitude or mindset that is optimistic, constructive, and open to possibilities. The term "affirmative" carries a connotation of certainty, decisiveness, and a proactive approach. It is often used to emphasize a positive stance or to indicate agreement, assent, or endorsement in various contexts, such as legal, social, or interpersonal situations.

History and Etymology of 'affirmative'

The adjective 'affirmative' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'affirmativus,' which is formed from 'affirmare,' a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'firmus,' meaning 'firm' or 'strong.' In Latin, 'affirmativus' originally meant 'affirmative' or 'confirming.' When this term entered English, it retained the sense of expressing agreement, confirmation, or a positive response. 'Affirmative' describes a stance or response that affirms or agrees with a statement, proposal, or question. Its etymology underscores the idea of making a positive and firm declaration or response, emphasizing the role of 'affirmative' as a term of agreement or confirmation.

Examples of 'affirmative' in a Sentence

1. She nodded in an affirmative manner, signifying her consent.
2. He received an affirmative reply to his inquiry, indicating the availability of the product.
3. The board members expressed an affirmative stance, supporting the chairman's proposal.
4. An affirmative decision, marked by a unanimous vote, was reached swiftly.
5. Her smile served as an affirmative gesture, conveying her approval.
6. The president issued an affirmative statement, assuring the public of government action.
7. An affirmative action plan, designed to promote diversity, was unanimously approved.
8. His affirmative acknowledgment, accompanied by a nod, was reassuring to the team.
9. They all chimed in with affirmative voices, adding their agreement to the discussion.
10. An affirmative outlook, characterized by optimism, is essential for personal growth.
11. The committee issued an affirmative recommendation, endorsing the project's feasibility.
12. An affirmative response was not only anticipated but welcomed.
13. The student's consistently affirmative attitude contributed to a harmonious classroom.
14. The audience responded with an affirmative applause, showing their approval and support.
15. The teacher was pleased with the class's affirmative response to the new learning method.
16. He gave me an affirmative pat on the back, reassuring me that everything was going to be okay.
17. The affirmative vote meant that the community center would finally be built.
18. The company's affirmative action plan was designed to increase diversity and inclusion.
19. She raised her hand with an affirmative gesture, clearly showing she wanted to participate.
20. The affirmative atmosphere in the room was infectious as everyone celebrated the team's victory.
21. The employee provided affirmative evidence that supported his case in the dispute.
22. The affirmative result of the experiment supported the hypothesis put forth by the scientists.
23. Her affirmative attitude always brought positivity and assurance to the team.
24. The politician’s affirmative stance on environmental issues gained him a large following among young voters.
25. I received an affirmative reply to my application, which meant I had been accepted to my dream college.





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