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How to pronounce aggressive (audio)

Dictionary definition of aggressive

Forceful, assertive, or confrontational in nature.
"The aggressive argument escalated into a heated shouting match."

Detailed meaning of aggressive

It suggests a readiness to initiate action, take charge, or pursue goals with vigor and determination. An aggressive individual tends to display a high level of competitiveness, often displaying a desire to dominate or win at all costs. This adjective can also denote a tendency towards hostility or violence, both in physical and verbal terms. In the context of sports or business, being aggressive can be seen as an advantageous trait, as it demonstrates assertiveness and ambition. However, in interpersonal relationships, an aggressive demeanor can be seen as intimidating or offensive. It is important to note that aggression can manifest differently based on the situation or cultural context, ranging from assertiveness and passion to hostility and harm. Overall, the adjective "aggressive" describes a proactive and forceful approach, often associated with assertiveness, ambition, and occasionally, confrontation or hostility.

Example sentences of aggressive

1. His aggressive approach helped him win the negotiation.
2. The team's aggressive strategy led to victory.
3. She has an aggressive style in competitive sports.
4. Aggressive marketing tactics boosted sales.
5. The dog's barking became more aggressive as we approached.
6. An aggressive advertising campaign raised brand awareness.

History and etymology of aggressive

The adjective 'aggressive' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'aggressivus,' which is formed from 'aggressus,' the past participle of 'aggredi,' meaning 'to approach' or 'to attack.' In Latin, 'aggressivus' originally described a disposition or tendency to approach or engage in conflict. As it entered the English language, 'aggressive' retained this core meaning, signifying a forceful, assertive, or confrontational nature. It describes behavior or actions that involve assertively pursuing one's goals or interests, often with a willingness to engage in confrontations or challenges. Its etymology underscores the idea of actively approaching or even attacking obstacles or objectives, emphasizing the assertive and determined qualities that characterize aggressive behavior.

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Further usage examples of aggressive

1. Aggressive drivers often pose a danger on the road.
2. He adopted an aggressive stance in the debate.
3. The company took an aggressive stance against counterfeiting.
4. The coach praised their aggressive performance on the field.
5. The aggressive competitor pushed boundaries to gain an edge.
6. Aggressive behavior in the workplace is not tolerated.
7. The stock market can be highly aggressive at times.
8. She made an aggressive move to secure the promotion.
9. The opponent's aggressive play rattled the team.
10. An aggressive sales pitch can alienate customers.
11. His aggressive response surprised everyone in the room.
12. The market demands an aggressive marketing strategy.
13. The aggressive expansion plan led to rapid growth.
14. Negotiating an agreement can require an aggressive approach.
15. The dog's aggressive behavior towards strangers made it necessary to keep him on a leash.
16. The company adopted an aggressive marketing strategy to quickly gain a larger market share.
17. He plays basketball in an aggressive manner, always fighting for every rebound and loose ball.
18. The aggressive expansion of the business resulted in a significant increase in profits within a short period.
19. Some plants have aggressive growth and can take over a garden if not properly managed.
20. The general was known for his aggressive tactics in battle, often taking the enemy by surprise.
21. The aggressive tone of his email made the recipients feel uncomfortable and defensive.
22. The government decided to take aggressive measures to combat the rising crime rates in the city.
23. The band's music has an aggressive sound, with heavy guitar riffs and fast-paced drum beats.
24. The lawyer used an aggressive approach in the courtroom, relentlessly questioning the witnesses.
25. The car’s aggressive styling, with sharp lines and bold colors, made it popular among younger buyers.
26. Her aggressive negotiation skills helped her secure a fantastic deal on the property.



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