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How to pronounce alias (audio)

Dictionary definition of alias

An alternative or assumed name used by a person, typically to conceal their true identity or for some other specific purpose.
"The celebrity checked into the hotel under an alias to avoid paparazzi."

Detailed meaning of alias

An alias may be adopted for reasons of anonymity, privacy, or even deception. For example, individuals involved in witness protection programs often use aliases to safeguard themselves from potential harm or retribution. In the world of fiction and popular culture, characters like secret agents or superheroes frequently operate under aliases to protect their loved ones or maintain a dual identity. In the context of criminal activity, aliases are sometimes employed to evade law enforcement or to carry out illegal actions without revealing one's real name. The term "alias" thus denotes the existence of a secondary or alternative identity, which may or may not be known to others, and it is commonly associated with the concept of concealing one's true self or background.

Example sentences of alias

1. The criminal used an alias to evade the authorities.
2. Sarah, known by her alias "Scarlet," was a famous hacker.
3. The spy had multiple aliases to maintain anonymity.
4. He introduced himself by his alias, "Jack the Rambler."
5. The writer published her novel under the alias Jane Smith.
6. The detective uncovered the suspect's alias in his investigation.
7. John, operating under the alias "John Doe," checked into the hotel.

History and etymology of alias

The noun 'alias' has a fascinating etymology rooted in its Latin origins. It is derived from the Latin word 'alius,' which means 'other' or 'another,' and 'alter,' meaning 'other' or 'different.' In this linguistic context, 'alias' originally referred to an alternative or assumed name used by a person, often to conceal their true identity or for a specific purpose, such as avoiding legal consequences or adopting a different persona. The Latin roots 'alius' and 'alter' emphasize the notion of an alternate or different identity, which remains central to the contemporary meaning of 'alias.' This etymology showcases how language evolves over time, preserving the essence of the concept while adapting to the needs and nuances of society, particularly in matters of identity and concealment.

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Further usage examples of alias

1. The artist signed her artwork with her creative alias, "Luna."
2. The online forum user went by the alias "TechGuru."
3. The bank robber was captured under his alias, "The Masked Bandit."
4. The superhero concealed his true identity with an alias.
5. The author used an alias to write controversial articles.
6. The hacker's true identity remained hidden behind his alias.
7. The spy had an alias for every undercover operation.
8. The famous actor used an alias to dine at the local restaurant discreetly.
9. The graffiti artist was known by the alias "Tag Master."
10. The undercover agent went by the alias "John Smith" in the criminal organization.
11. The journalist interviewed the whistleblower using an alias to protect their identity.
12. The criminal's true name was discovered through his alias on social media.
13. The notorious criminal operated under the alias "Black Shadow."
14. The hacker's real identity was hidden behind multiple aliases.
15. She traveled the world under the alias of a famous explorer.
16. The spy adopted an alias to infiltrate the enemy organization.
17. The author published books under his alias to maintain privacy.
18. The undercover agent used a different alias in each mission.
19. The detective discovered the criminal's alias during the investigation.
20. He checked into the hotel using a false alias to avoid recognition.
21. The con artist deceived many using various aliases and disguises.
22. The whistleblower revealed the corruption behind the CEO's alias.
23. The wanted fugitive continued to evade capture by using different aliases.



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