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How to pronounce alight (audio)

Dictionary definition of alight

To descend or dismount from a vehicle, such as a bus, train, or airplane.
"The passengers were instructed to alight the bus at the next stop."

Detailed meaning of alight

It is often used to describe the act of stepping out of a moving vehicle and onto the ground or platform below. The term can also be used more broadly to refer to the act of coming to rest or settling down, as in the phrase "the butterfly alighted on the flower." Overall, the word "alight" connotes a sense of movement and transition, as one moves from one location or mode of transportation to another. It can also imply a sense of lightness or delicacy, as in the case of a butterfly alighting on a flower.

Example sentences of alight

1. The butterfly will alight on the flower to gather nectar.
2. The bird is about to alight on the branch.
3. The helicopter will alight on the rooftop for the rescue operation.
4. When the train stops, passengers will alight at the platform.
5. As dawn broke, fireflies began to alight on the trees.
6. The pilot managed to alight the aircraft safely despite the strong winds.

History and etymology of alight

The verb 'alight' has its etymological roots in Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'alightan,' which is a combination of 'a-' (meaning 'down from' or 'off') and 'lightan' (meaning 'to descend' or 'to make light'). In Old English, 'alightan' specifically referred to descending from a vehicle, such as a horse or a carriage. Over time, as transportation modes evolved, 'alight' continued to be used in English to describe the action of descending or dismounting from various forms of conveyance, including modern vehicles like buses, trains, and airplanes. The etymology of 'alight' effectively captures its historical association with the act of coming down or dismounting from a vehicle, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the action of departing from a transportation vehicle.

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Further usage examples of alight

1. Watch as the dragonflies alight on the lily pads in the pond.
2. The sparrow is quick to alight on the windowsill every morning.
3. When you alight from the bus, you will see the museum across the street.
4. The actor's face seemed to alight with emotion during his performance.
5. The leaves will alight on the water, creating a beautiful, colorful mosaic.
6. The parachute will alight on the ground with precision if the wind conditions are right.
7. If you sprinkle sugar water on flowers, hummingbirds may alight to drink.
8. The spacecraft is scheduled to alight on the moon's surface tomorrow.
9. The performer's cape seemed to alight as the stage lights hit the sequins.
10. The snowflakes gently alight on the ground, blanketing the earth in white.
11. The fairy lights in the garden alight as dusk approaches.
12. A sense of calm will alight upon the room when you light the scented candles.
13. The acrobat will alight on the trapeze with grace and agility.
14. During autumn, leaves alight on the surface of the lake, creating a picturesque view.


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