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claim, prove, confirm, verify


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How to pronounce allege (audio)


Dictionary definition of allege

To assert or claim something to be true or factual, typically without presenting concrete proof or evidence at that moment.
"The employees allege that they were unfairly dismissed without cause."

Detailed meaning of allege

When someone alleges something, they make an assertion or accusation, often stating it as a fact, but without providing immediate substantiation. The verb implies that the claim is based on the person's belief, information they have received, or their interpretation of events. It is important to note that an allegation does not automatically prove the truth of the matter; rather, it initiates a process of investigation or examination to determine the veracity of the claim. "Allege" is commonly used in legal contexts, journalism, and everyday conversations where individuals bring forth claims that require further scrutiny or corroboration. It serves as a means to raise awareness about a particular issue, bring attention to potential wrongdoing, or initiate a discourse on a specific subject.

Example sentences containing allege

1. The plaintiff will allege that the company was negligent in ensuring workplace safety.
2. The journalist will allege government corruption in his upcoming article.
3. The defense lawyer will allege that the evidence was tampered with.
4. The victims allege that the corporation knew about the hazards for years.
5. The activists allege environmental violations by the local factory.
6. The prosecutor will allege that the suspect had a motive for the crime.

History and etymology of allege

The verb 'allege' can trace its etymology back to the Latin word 'allegare,' which is a combination of 'ad' meaning 'toward' or 'to' and 'legare' meaning 'to send' or 'to depute.' In ancient Rome, 'allegare' referred to the act of bringing forward evidence or making a formal accusation in a legal context. Over time, in medieval Latin, the term evolved to encompass the notion of making assertions or claims without necessarily providing immediate proof or evidence. This sense of asserting something to be true, often without concrete substantiation, carried over into English, giving us the modern usage of 'allege.' Therefore, the etymology of 'allege' reveals its historical connection to legal proceedings and the act of making statements that may require further validation.

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Further usage examples of allege

1. The consumer group will allege that the product is falsely advertised.
2. The report will allege that the organization has links to criminal groups.
3. The students allege that the university mishandled their complaints.
4. The residents allege that the construction company caused damage to their properties.
5. The athlete will allege that the drug test results were flawed.
6. The competitor will allege patent infringement against the tech company.
7. The former employee will allege that the manager engaged in discriminatory practices.
8. The parents allege that the school failed to address bullying incidents.
9. The author will allege that parts of his work were plagiarized.
10. The whistleblowers allege that the agency is involved in unethical conduct.
11. The investigator will allege that there was a cover-up of critical information.
12. The retailer will allege that the supplier breached the contract.
13. The citizens allege that the mayor abused his power for personal gain.
14. The witness will allege crucial information during the trial.
15. Critics allege corruption within the highest government ranks.
16. Some people allege that UFO sightings are extraterrestrial.
17. The whistleblower will allege corporate misconduct tomorrow.
18. Media outlets often allege political bias in reporting.
19. Protesters allege police brutality in recent incidents.
20. Skeptics allege a conspiracy behind the moon landing.
21. Opponents allege unfair treatment in the election process.
22. Social media users allege privacy violations by tech giants.
23. Activists allege environmental harm caused by the industry.

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