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How to pronounce allocution (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'allocution'

A formal or official speech giving advice or warning, especially one delivered by a judge before sentencing.
"The judge’s allocution was interrupted with cries from the defendant’s family."

Detailed meaning of 'allocution'

It is a formal address given by a judge to the person who has been found guilty in a court of law, usually just before the sentence is passed. It is an opportunity for the judge to address the convicted person directly and to explain the reasons for the sentence being imposed. It can also be used to describe a formal or official speech given by a person in a position of authority or by a leader, usually on a specific occasion or event. In criminal court, allocution can also be used to describe the act of a defendant addressing the court before being sentenced, which allows the person to express remorse, accept responsibility or make a plea for leniency in the sentencing.

History and etymology of 'allocution'

The noun 'allocution' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'allocutio,' which is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'loqui,' meaning 'to speak' or 'to talk.' In Latin, 'allocutio' referred to the act of addressing or speaking to someone. Over time, this term gained a legal and formal connotation, particularly in the context of judicial proceedings. In modern English, 'allocution' is often associated with a formal or official speech delivered by a judge to a defendant, often before sentencing. This speech may include advice, warnings, or statements relevant to the case. The etymology of 'allocution' reflects its historical connection to addressing or speaking to individuals in a legal context, highlighting the formal and authoritative nature of such speeches, especially in the legal realm.

Example sentences containing 'allocution'

1. The coach's allocution rallied the team for the championship game.
2. The mayor's allocution celebrated community achievements.
3. The military commander's allocution boosted troop morale.
4. The teacher's allocution encouraged a love for learning.
5. The bishop's allocution called for unity among congregants.
6. The captain's allocution before the mission instilled confidence.
7. The governor's allocution discussed economic challenges.
8. The scientist's allocution shared groundbreaking discoveries.
9. The CEO's allocution outlined the company's values.
10. The diplomat's allocution aimed to foster international cooperation.
11. The principal's allocution recognized academic achievements.
12. The president's allocution focused on national security.
13. An allocution is a formal address given by a judge before sentencing a defendant.
14. The purpose of an allocution is to give the defendant an opportunity to speak before sentencing.
15. The defendant's allocution can be a powerful moment in a criminal trial.
16. During an allocution, the defendant can express remorse, ask for forgiveness, or offer an explanation for their actions.
17. The judge may take the defendant's allocution into consideration when deciding on a sentence.
18. Allocutions are often emotional and can elicit strong reactions from both the defendant and the judge.
19. The defendant's attorney may prepare them for their allocution, offering guidance on what to say and how to say it.
20. Allocutions are an important part of the criminal justice system and can provide closure for victims and their families.
21. Some judges require an allocution as part of the sentencing process, while others may leave it up to the defendant's discretion.
22. The length and content of an allocution can vary depending on the circumstances of the case and the defendant's personal feelings.
23. Allocutions can be a powerful way for defendants to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate their willingness to make amends.
24. Allocutions are a reminder that behind every crime, there is a human being who made a choice and must face the consequences.



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