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How to pronounce ambrosia (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'ambrosia'

The food or nectar of the gods, conferring immortality or divine qualities upon those who consume it.
"The ambrosia was a symbol of divine abundance and nourishment."

Detailed Meaning of 'ambrosia'

It is a symbol of divine sustenance and is said to have a sweet, heavenly taste. In a culinary context, ambrosia refers to a dessert or fruit salad made with a combination of ingredients such as fruit (usually citrus and coconut), marshmallows, and whipped cream or yogurt. This dish is particularly popular in the southern United States and is served as a sweet and creamy treat, often at holiday gatherings. The name "ambrosia" in this context suggests the delightful and indulgent nature of the dessert.

History and Etymology of 'ambrosia'

The noun 'ambrosia' has its etymological origins in ancient Greek mythology. It is closely associated with the food or nectar of the gods, believed to confer immortality or divine qualities upon those who consumed it. In Greek, 'ambrosia' (ἀμβροσία) is thought to be derived from the word 'ambrotos' (ἄμβροτος), which means 'immortal' or 'imperishable.' According to Greek mythology, ambrosia was the sustenance of the Olympian gods, and it was often depicted as a heavenly and divine substance. The term 'ambrosia' entered various mythological stories and texts, emphasizing its association with the divine and the idea of granting everlasting life. Over time, 'ambrosia' has come to symbolize anything exceptionally delightful or exquisite, reflecting its historical connection to the food of the gods. The etymology of 'ambrosia' underscores its deep-rooted connection to Greek mythology and the concept of immortality, making it a term associated with heavenly and divine qualities.

Examples of 'ambrosia' in a Sentence

1. The tropical fruits blended perfectly in the smoothie, creating a sip of ambrosia.
2. The first bite of the apple pie tasted like a slice of ambrosia on Earth.
3. The scent of the blooming flowers was like ambrosia for the garden.
4. As the sun set over the ocean, the view was a visual ambrosia.
5. The music they played at the concert was like ambrosia for the soul.
6. The laughter of children in the park was the sound of ambrosia in the air.
7. The poetry he wrote was like ambrosia for the mind and heart.
8. The scent of freshly brewed coffee was morning ambrosia.
9. The cool breeze on a hot summer day was a breath of ambrosia.
10. The scent of pine trees in the forest was like natural ambrosia.
11. The feeling of sand between her toes was like walking on ambrosia.
12. The art in the gallery was visual ambrosia, each piece a masterpiece.
13. The scent of rain on dry earth was the aroma of nature's ambrosia.
14. The love they shared felt like emotional ambrosia, nurturing their souls.
15. According to Greek mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods, granting them immortality.
16. The dessert was a heavenly combination of fresh fruits and whipped cream, truly ambrosia for the taste buds.
17. The scent of the flowers filled the air with an ambrosial fragrance.
18. In ancient times, ambrosia was believed to have mystical healing properties.
19. The chef prepared a delectable ambrosia salad with a medley of tropical fruits.
20. The restaurant served an exquisite ambrosia cocktail, a delightful blend of flavors.
21. The ambrosial aroma of freshly baked bread wafted through the bakery, enticing customers.
22. The garden was a paradise of colorful flowers, creating an ambrosial atmosphere.
23. The poet described the sunset as an ambrosia of golden hues, filling the sky with beauty.
24. The beauty influencer recommended a skincare product claiming to provide ambrosia-like nourishment for the skin.
25. The holiday feast included a bowl of ambrosia, symbolizing abundance and indulgence.
26. The beauty of nature in the untouched wilderness was a true ambrosia for the soul.





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