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How to pronounce analects (audio)

Dictionary definition of analects

A collection of literary or philosophical excerpts or passages from the works of a particular author or a group of authors.
"The professor shared an inspiring quote from the analects of Confucius during the lecture."

Detailed meaning of analects

The term is often associated with Confucianism, specifically 'The Analects of Confucius,' which is a compilation of sayings and teachings attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and his disciples. This collection serves as a fundamental text in Confucian philosophy and provides insights into moral, social, and political values. Secondly, 'analects' can more broadly indicate any anthology or compilation of selected writings, quotations, or passages from various sources. It represents a curated collection that highlights significant ideas, insights, or wisdom from a diverse range of authors or thinkers. Overall, 'analects' encompasses the concept of a collected work of selected excerpts, particularly in the context of philosophical or literary writings.

Example sentences of analects

1. The professor assigned reading from Confucius's Analects.
2. His library includes a rare edition of ancient analects.
3. She studied the analects of great philosophers.
4. We discussed the Analects in our philosophy class.
5. The Analects provide insights into Eastern philosophy.
6. Confucius' Analects offer wisdom for life's challenges.

History and etymology of analects

The noun 'analects' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'analecta,' which is a plural form of 'analecton,' derived from 'ana-' (meaning 'up' or 'again') and 'legein' (meaning 'to gather' or 'to collect'). In ancient Greek literature, 'analecta' referred to a collection of select passages or excerpts from the works of various authors, often compiled for educational or reference purposes. This term was adopted into Latin as 'analecta' and later into English as 'analects.' Therefore, the etymology of 'analects' underscores its nature as a collection of carefully chosen literary or philosophical passages from the writings of a specific author or a group of authors, highlighting the act of gathering and presenting these select texts for study or contemplation.

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Further usage examples of analects

1. The bookshelf contains various analects from history.
2. Analects offer diverse perspectives on ethics.
3. He enjoyed reading the analects of famous poets.
4. Ancient analects still resonate with modern readers.
5. The Analects contain profound moral teachings.
6. The scholar's collection includes many Analects volumes.
7. The library houses a vast selection of analects.
8. The Analects influenced generations of thinkers.
9. Reading Analects can expand your philosophical horizons.
10. We discussed excerpts from the Analects during class.
11. She quoted the Analects in her research paper.
12. The teacher assigned a chapter from the Analects.
13. The Analects of Confucius are a cornerstone of Chinese philosophy.
14. The ancient Analects remain a source of inspiration today.
15. The students studied the analects of ancient Chinese philosophers to gain deeper insights into their teachings.
16. The bookshelves were filled with volumes of analects, representing the wisdom of different cultures and eras.
17. The writer compiled a new edition of the analects, featuring excerpts from contemporary thinkers and intellectuals.
18. The philosopher's analects provided a valuable guide for navigating ethical dilemmas in modern society.
19. Scholars debated the interpretation of certain passages in the analects, seeking a deeper understanding of their meaning.
20. The study group gathered to discuss the analects, exchanging their perspectives on the philosophical concepts presented.
21. The analects served as a source of inspiration for artists and writers, influencing their creative works.
22. The translation of the ancient analects into different languages allowed a wider audience to access their teachings.
23. The young scholar immersed herself in the analects, eager to absorb the wisdom of the past.
24. The seminar focused on exploring the historical context of the analects, shedding light on the social and cultural milieu of ancient times.
25. The analects provided valuable insights into the values and virtues cherished by societies throughout history.



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