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How to pronounce aquatic (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'aquatic'

Relating to water or the environment that exists in or around bodies of water.
"The aquarium is full of various species of aquatic life."

Detailed meaning of 'aquatic'

It signifies a connection to aquatic ecosystems, organisms, or activities. When something is described as aquatic, it typically thrives or operates within an aquatic habitat or environment, such as aquatic plants, aquatic animals, or aquatic sports. This term encompasses a wide range of contexts, from marine life in the oceans and freshwater ecosystems in rivers and lakes to activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. Overall, "aquatic" emphasizes the close association with water and signifies a connection to the world beneath the surface or activities conducted in aquatic environments.

History and etymology of 'aquatic'

The adjective 'aquatic' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'aquaticus,' which is derived from 'aqua,' meaning 'water.' 'Aquaticus' in Latin referred to anything related to or pertaining to water. This term was then adopted into English as 'aquatic' to describe things that are connected to water or exist in or around bodies of water. Whether it's aquatic plants, animals, or environments, the term 'aquatic' underscores their association with water. The etymology of 'aquatic' is straightforward, directly tracing back to the Latin root 'aqua,' which emphasizes the concept of water, and it remains a fundamental term in describing all things related to aquatic environments.

Example sentences containing 'aquatic'

1. The Amazon rainforest teems with diverse aquatic life.
2. An aquatic adventure awaits those who love the ocean.
3. Aquatic pollution poses a threat to marine life.
4. The graceful swan is an iconic aquatic bird.
5. Aquatic habitats range from freshwater lakes to salty oceans.
6. The researcher studies the behavior of aquatic creatures.
7. Many cultures rely on aquatic resources for sustenance.
8. Aquatic sports like surfing are popular along the coast.
9. Aquatic conservation efforts aim to protect marine biodiversity.
10. Aquatic therapy helps patients recover from injuries.
11. The shimmering scales of fish reflect their aquatic environment.
12. A lush aquatic garden surrounds the tranquil pond.
13. Aquatic creatures such as seals are adapted to life in the sea.
14. The aquatic center was closed for maintenance this week.
15. I love going on aquatic adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving.
16. The aquatic plants in the pond make it look even more beautiful.
17. Some of the world's biggest mammals, such as whales, live in aquatic habitats.
18. The blue whale is the largest aquatic animal on earth.
19. Many aquatic animals have developed unique adaptations to survive in their environments.
20. The lake is a popular spot for various aquatic activities like boating and fishing.
21. He spends his weekends volunteering at the local aquatic center, helping to teach children to swim.
22. The aquatic plants in the river provide essential nutrients to the ecosystem.
23. There is a wide variety of aquatic sports, such as water polo, synchronized swimming, and diving.



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