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jointed, rigid, fixed, inflexible



How to pronounce articulated (audio)

Dictionary definition of articulated

Connected or joined together in a way that allows for flexibility and movement.
"The bus was an articulated vehicle with two sections connected by a hinge."

Detailed meaning of articulated

The term articulated refers to something that is The term can be applied to various things, for example:

In the context of transportation, articulated vehicles are buses or trains that have multiple sections connected by a hinge or joint, allowing them to bend and turn more easily.
In the context of anatomy, articulated bones are bones that are joined together by joints, allowing for movement.
In the context of language, articulated refers to the clear and precise pronunciation of words and the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively.
In the context of a plan or strategy, articulated refers to it being well thought out and clearly defined.
The term can also be used to describe something that is well-organized and easy to understand, or something that is clearly and effectively communicated. Overall, the term articulated emphasizes the ability of something to move or be understood easily and effectively.

Example sentences of articulated

1. The articulated robot arm moved swiftly, with precision.
2. An articulated ladder made the high reach safe.
3. The articulated train bends elegantly on tracks.
4. Articulated puppets danced in the skilled puppeteer's hands.
5. His articulated brace allowed easy and secure movement.
6. The articulated toy snake slithered across the floor.

History and etymology of articulated

The adjective 'articulated' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'articulatus,' which is the past participle of 'articulare,' meaning 'to divide into joints' or 'to connect by joints.' This Latin term is derived from 'articulus,' which translates to 'a joint' or 'a part of something.' In the context of 'articulated,' the idea of joints and flexibility is central. When something is 'articulated,' it means it is connected or joined together in a way that allows for movement at specific points or joints, much like the joints in the human body or the links in a chain. This etymology underscores the notion of connection and flexibility, highlighting the ability of certain structures to move and adapt to different positions or angles.

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Further usage examples of articulated

1. Articulated joints in the suit ensured maximum flexibility.
2. An articulated bus swerved smoothly around the corner.
3. The articulated design made the necklace drape beautifully.
4. With articulated wings, the drone mimicked a bird's flight.
5. Engineers admired the machine's articulated construction.
6. The articulated arm extended, reaching the high shelf.
7. Articulated connections make the bridge withstand winds.
8. Kids love the articulated action figures' movable joints.
9. The artist's articulated easel adjusted for optimal angle.
10. Their articulated design allows robots to move naturally.
11. The articulated structure flexes during an earthquake.
12. An articulated hinge made the device more adjustable.
13. The articulated lamp adjusted to focus light precisely.
14. With articulated legs, the table stood stably on uneven ground.
15. He articulated his thoughts clearly and concisely.
16. The robot's arm was articulated to allow for a wide range of movement.
17. The lawyer articulated the legal argument in a convincing manner.
18. The plan was well articulated and easy to understand.
19. The speaker articulated the points in a logical and coherent way.
20. The skeleton was articulated, meaning the bones were connected by joints.
21. The toy train had an articulated design, allowing the carriages to bend and turn.
22. He articulated his position on the issue in a clear and direct manner.
23. The new policy was articulated in a way that made it easy to implement.
24. The design of the bridge was articulated with great attention to detail.
25. She articulated her feelings of disappointment in a calm and measured way.



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