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How to pronounce astonished (audio)

Dictionary definition of astonished

Extreme surprise, amazement, or disbelief.
"He was astonished at the sheer number of stars visible in the clear night sky."

Detailed meaning of astonished

When someone is astonished, they are taken aback or caught off guard by something unexpected or extraordinary. It signifies a feeling of shock or wonderment that arises from encountering an event, information, or experience that exceeds one's expectations or understanding. Astonishment often manifests as a wide-eyed expression, dropped jaws, or a speechless reaction, highlighting the profound impact and disbelief caused by the situation. It is a powerful emotion that can be triggered by various factors, such as witnessing a remarkable achievement, receiving shocking news, or encountering a highly unusual or improbable occurrence. The adjective "astonished" captures the sense of overwhelming surprise and wonder that leaves individuals momentarily at a loss for words or unable to comprehend what they have witnessed or heard.

Example sentences of astonished

1. She was astonished to find a puppy waiting for her at home as a surprise gift.
2. The audience was astonished by the magician's mind-bending tricks.
3. He was astonished to discover that he had won the lottery.
4. The children were astonished when their art project was displayed in a museum.
5. She was astonished by the breathtaking view from the mountaintop.
6. The team was astonished by their unexpected victory against the reigning champions.

History and etymology of astonished

The adjective 'astonished' has its etymological roots in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'estoner,' which means 'to stun' or 'to amaze.' 'Estoner' itself comes from the Latin word 'extonare,' which is a combination of 'ex-' (meaning 'thoroughly') and 'tonare' (meaning 'to thunder'). In this sense, 'extonare' originally conveyed the idea of being struck by thunder, a sensation that was often associated with extreme surprise and amazement. Over time, 'estoner' evolved into 'astonish' in Middle English, retaining the sense of extreme surprise, amazement, or disbelief. The etymology of 'astonished' underscores the historical connection between being stunned by a powerful force, like thunder, and the profound sense of surprise or amazement that this word describes in modern English.

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Further usage examples of astonished

1. The scientist was astonished by the groundbreaking results of the experiment.
2. He was astonished to learn that his long-lost friend had returned after years of absence.
3. The crowd was astonished as the acrobat performed daring stunts high above.
4. She was astonished by the incredible talent displayed during the musical performance.
5. The students were astonished by the teacher's surprising announcement.
6. She was astonished by the breathtaking view from the mountaintop.
7. The magician's tricks left the audience utterly astonished.
8. I was astonished to find my lost wallet in the park.
9. Their generosity during the fundraiser left me astonished.
10. The unexpected news of her promotion left her astonished.
11. The sudden appearance of the shooting star left us all astonished.
12. His remarkable piano performance left the crowd astonished.
13. The discovery of a hidden treasure astonished archaeologists.
14. The incredible plot twist in the movie had me astonished.
15. I was astonished by the speed of their problem-solving.
16. The massive fireworks display left the spectators astonished.
17. The intricate artwork in the gallery left visitors astonished.
18. The teacher was astonished by the student's mathematical skills.
19. Witnessing the natural beauty of the waterfall left them astonished.
20. The surprising revelation in the novel had readers astonished.
21. The astronaut was astonished by the view of Earth from space.
22. The chef's culinary creations always left diners astonished.
23. The unexpected victory of the underdog team astonished fans.
24. The talent show performance left the judges astonished.
25. The historic monument's grandeur left tourists astonished.



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