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genuine, fake, counterfeit, artificial



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Dictionary definition of authentic

True to its original form, unaltered, and genuinely representative of its source or nature.
"The restaurant claims to serve authentic Italian cuisine."

Detailed meaning of authentic

When applied to objects, experiences, or individuals, authenticity implies that they are not counterfeit or fabricated but rather possess inherent qualities, characteristics, or attributes that are sincere and in accordance with their claimed identity. Authenticity often suggests a lack of pretense or artificiality and conveys a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. In the realm of personal interactions and relationships, an authentic person is someone who presents themselves honestly, without pretensions or falsehoods, making them trustworthy and genuine in their dealings with others. In essence, authenticity is a quality highly valued for its sincerity, transparency, and the sense of truth and reliability it imparts to whatever it describes.

Example sentences of authentic

1. The antique furniture was authentically crafted in the 18th century.
2. Her smile was authentic and reflected her genuine happiness.
3. The restaurant served authentic Italian cuisine.
4. The ancient manuscript was an authentic piece of history.
5. The art gallery featured authentic works by renowned artists.
6. He wore an authentic Viking helmet from a historical reenactment.

History and etymology of authentic

The adjective 'authentic' has its etymological roots in the Greek language. It is derived from the Greek word 'authentikos,' which is related to 'authentes,' meaning 'one who acts on one's authority' or 'author.' In essence, 'authentic' originally conveyed the idea of being authoritative or having the authority to act. Over time, in Latin and later in English, it evolved to describe something that is true to its original form, unaltered, and genuinely representative of its source or nature. An authentic item or experience is one that is considered authoritative and genuine, reflecting its origin or nature faithfully. The etymology of 'authentic' underscores its historical connection to the idea of authority and genuineness, emphasizing its significance in verifying the true nature of things in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of authentic

1. The old town has an authentic charm that attracts tourists.
2. The vintage car was meticulously restored to its authentic condition.
3. The traditional dance troupe performed authentic cultural dances.
4. The sushi chef prepared authentic Japanese dishes.
5. Her passion for cooking led her to create authentic recipes.
6. The antique shop sold only authentic collectibles.
7. The singer's voice was authentic and heartfelt.
8. The documentary provided an authentic look at the wildlife.
9. The historical reenactors wore authentic period costumes.
10. The guidebook promised an authentic travel experience.
11. The coffee shop served authentic Ethiopian coffee.
12. The novelist captured an authentic sense of time and place.
13. The museum displayed authentic artifacts from ancient civilizations.
14. The artisan crafted authentic pottery using traditional techniques.
15. The museum's collection includes a number of authentic artifacts from ancient civilizations.
16. It's important to verify that the artwork is authentic before making a purchase.
17. The singer's authentic voice and heartfelt lyrics connected with audiences around the world.
18. The antique dealer specializes in finding and selling authentic pieces from the past.
19. The tour guide provided an authentic cultural experience for the visitors.
20. The company's commitment to using only authentic ingredients in their products sets them apart from competitors.
21. The artisan craftsman takes great pride in creating authentic and high-quality products.
22. The historical reenactment was praised for its authentic costumes and attention to detail.
23. The author's authentic portrayal of the characters made the novel a best-seller.
24. The hotel's authentic decor and architecture transport guests to another time and place.
25. The musician's authentic sound is a reflection of his roots and upbringing in a small town.


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