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benefit, squander, waste, misuse



How to pronounce avail (audio)

Dictionary definition of avail

To make use of or take advantage of an opportunity or resource in order to achieve a specific purpose or benefit.
"We must avail ourselves of the resources at our disposal to solve this problem."

Detailed meaning of avail

It can also refer to something being useful or beneficial to someone or to have an effect or influence on something. For example, a company might avail itself of new technology to improve productivity, or a person might avail themselves of an educational opportunity to advance their career. Alternatively, one could say that a product or service avails itself to a certain demographic or market segment.

Example sentences of avail

1. He tried his best, but his efforts did not avail him success.
2. We need to avail ourselves of the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.
3. She sought help from various sources, but none could avail her the answer.
4. It is essential to avail yourself of the resources available to you.
5. The discount offer is for a limited time, so make sure to avail it while you can.
6. The team's strategy did not avail them victory in the match.

History and etymology of avail

The verb 'avail' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'avaler,' which meant 'to help' or 'to be of use.' This Old French term, in turn, has its roots in the Latin word 'ad valere,' where 'ad' means 'to' and 'valere' means 'to be strong' or 'to be worth.' Consequently, 'avail' originally carried the sense of providing assistance or being of value. Over time, it evolved to mean making use of or taking advantage of an opportunity or resource to achieve a specific purpose or benefit, retaining its underlying notion of being useful or valuable, as reflected in its etymological journey from Latin and Old French to its modern usage.

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Further usage examples of avail

1. We should avail ourselves of the chance to explore new places.
2. The information provided will avail you in making an informed decision.
3. The medical treatment did not avail the patient a complete recovery.
4. The efforts of the volunteers availed the community in times of need.
5. You should avail yourself of the support and guidance offered by your mentors.
6. Despite his pleas, his arguments did not avail him leniency.
7. The training program will avail you of the necessary skills for the job.
8. We must avail ourselves of the latest technology to stay competitive.
9. The advice given by the expert will avail you in solving the problem.
10. The company's extensive network avails them access to global markets.
11. The discount coupon will avail you a reduced price on your purchase.
12. She hopes that her hard work will avail her the promotion she desires.
13. The information provided will avail you insight into the topic.
14. The public transportation system avails commuters an efficient way to travel.


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