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equilibrium, imbalance, instability, disproportion



How to pronounce balance (audio)

Dictionary definition of balance

A state of equilibrium or stability achieved through equal distribution or harmonious arrangement.
"Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for overall well-being."

Detailed meaning of balance

It encompasses the concept of maintaining a proportional or appropriate arrangement of different elements or forces. Balance can be both physical and metaphorical, describing a state of steadiness or poise in various contexts. In a physical sense, balance refers to the ability to maintain an upright posture and stability, both internally within the body and externally in the environment. Metaphorically, balance represents a sense of harmony, fairness, or equilibrium in relationships, decision-making, or life in general. It involves finding a middle ground, avoiding extremes, and considering multiple perspectives or factors to achieve a sense of overall harmony or fairness. Balance can also refer to the equitable distribution of resources, responsibilities, or opportunities, ensuring fairness and equality. Striving for balance implies the recognition and management of opposing forces or competing interests to create a state of stability, satisfaction, and well-being.

Example sentences of balance

1. The gymnast demonstrated incredible balance on the beam.
2. The accountant carefully calculated the balance in the company's financial statements.
3. Finding the right balance between independence and collaboration is key in team projects.
4. The tightrope walker showcased incredible balance and precision.
5. It's important to strike a balance between saving for the future and enjoying the present.
6. The artist used contrasting colors to create a sense of balance in the painting.

History and etymology of balance

The noun 'balance' has a rich etymology that reflects its fundamental concept of equilibrium and harmony. It originated from the Latin word 'bilanx,' which is a combination of 'bis,' meaning 'twice,' and 'lanx,' meaning 'scale' or 'dish.' In ancient Rome, a 'bilanx' was a two-pan balance scale used for precise measurements. This concept of equal distribution and equilibrium on both sides of the scale was carried forward into Old French as 'balance.' As the term made its way into Middle English, it retained its sense of achieving equilibrium and stability through equal distribution or harmonious arrangement. 'Balance' underscores the idea of maintaining an even distribution, whether in physical weight or metaphorical aspects of life, emphasizing the pursuit of harmony and equilibrium.

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Further usage examples of balance

1. The bank account had a positive balance, indicating a surplus of funds.
2. The tightrope performer relied on an inner sense of balance to navigate the high wire.
3. The therapist helped the patient regain their balance after a fall.
4. The chef skillfully blended flavors to achieve a perfect balance in the dish.
5. Finding a balance between work and life is crucial for well-being.
6. She struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
7. The gymnast demonstrated incredible balance on the beam.
8. A balanced diet is essential for overall health.
9. The tightrope walker displayed remarkable balance.
10. Maintaining a balance between savings and spending is important.
11. Life is a constant juggle to find the right balance.
12. Yoga helps improve flexibility and balance.
13. The budget needs careful balance to avoid overspending.
14. The chef achieved the perfect balance of flavors in the dish.
15. A well-balanced relationship requires compromise.
16. The scales tipped in favor of justice, restoring balance.
17. Balancing family and career can be challenging.
18. The tightrope artist walked with precision and balance.
19. Achieving work-life balance promotes mental health.
20. Finding a balance between rest and productivity is key.
21. She struck a balance between independence and support.
22. The tightrope walker maintained her balance with grace.
23. Balancing responsibilities is part of adult life.
24. Financial advisors help clients maintain a balanced portfolio.



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