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How to pronounce baluster (audio)

Dictionary definition of baluster

A vertical or upright pillar or post, typically cylindrical or slightly tapered in shape.
"The elegant staircase was adorned with intricately carved wooden balusters."

Detailed meaning of baluster

It is commonly found in architectural and construction contexts, particularly in structures such as staircases, balconies, and railings. Balusters serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing support and safety while also adding decorative elements to the overall design. Usually made of materials such as wood, metal, or stone, balusters are positioned at regular intervals along a railing or balustrade, forming a barrier or enclosure. They typically connect the handrail or top rail to the base or bottom rail, creating a visually pleasing and secure barrier. Balusters come in various designs and styles, allowing for customization and artistic expression in architectural and interior designs.

Example sentences of baluster

1. He held onto the smooth metal baluster as he descended the stairs.
2. The balcony featured a wrought iron railing with decorative balusters.
3. She leaned against the marble baluster, enjoying the view from the terrace.
4. The architect chose glass balusters to create a modern and transparent look.
5. The child peered through the gaps between the balusters, fascinated by the patterns they formed.
6. The restoration project involved replacing the damaged balusters with new ones.

History and etymology of baluster

The noun 'baluster' has its etymological origins in Italian architecture. It can be traced back to the Italian word 'balaustro,' which referred to a pomegranate flower or the shape of a pomegranate flower. In classical architecture, particularly during the Renaissance, architects and craftsmen used columns and supports that resembled the shape of a pomegranate flower, which is cylindrical or slightly tapered with multiple small bulges. These architectural elements came to be known as 'balaustri' or 'balusters.' Over time, the term was adopted into English as 'baluster,' and it is now commonly used to describe the vertical or upright pillars or posts, often with decorative features, that are commonly found in railings, staircases, and other architectural structures. The etymology of 'baluster' highlights its historical connection to the floral motif that inspired its shape in classical architecture.

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Further usage examples of baluster

1. The ornate balusters added a touch of sophistication to the grand entrance.
2. As she walked up the stairs, her hand glided along the polished wooden balusters.
3. The safety code required a minimum spacing between the balusters to prevent accidents.
4. The historic building had a magnificent staircase with golden balusters.
5. They gathered around the baluster, discussing the intricate craftsmanship and design.
6. The ornate balusters on the staircase added elegance to the house.
7. She leaned on the baluster to catch her breath.
8. The balusters on the porch were intricately carved.
9. The wooden balusters contrasted with the modern glass railing.
10. The historic building's balusters were meticulously restored.
11. He gripped the baluster for support as he descended the stairs.
12. The balusters on the bridge were made of solid steel.
13. She admired the wrought iron balusters in the old castle.
14. The architect designed custom balusters for the mansion's grand entrance.
15. The marble balusters in the palace were a work of art.
16. The child slid down the banister, holding onto the balusters.
17. The spiral staircase featured ornate brass balusters.
18. The safety of the balcony depended on sturdy balusters.
19. The museum's staircase showcased antique balusters.
20. The modern home featured sleek, minimalist balusters.
21. He gazed at the moon through the gaps in the balusters.
22. The exterior balusters of the church were weathered by time.
23. The balusters on the veranda were painted a vibrant blue.
24. The castle's balusters provided a breathtaking view.
25. The restoration project aimed to preserve the historic balusters.



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