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How to pronounce barometer (audio)

Dictionary definition of barometer

A scientific instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure.
"As the storm approached, the barometer's needle plummeted."

Detailed meaning of barometer

Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted by the weight of the Earth's atmosphere on the surface of the Earth. Barometers can be used to measure the air pressure at a specific location, and changes in air pressure can be used to predict weather patterns. There are different types of barometers, the most commonly known is the mercury barometer, which uses a column of mercury in a glass tube to measure air pressure. There are also aneroid barometers, which use a small metal box called an aneroid cell that changes shape as the pressure changes, and electronic barometers that use sensors to measure pressure. Barometers are widely used in meteorology, aviation, and navigation. They are also used in some industrial processes that require precise measurements of pressure, such as in the oil and gas industry.

Example sentences of barometer

1. The stock market is often used as a barometer of the economy.
2. The antique barometer on the wall displayed changing weather patterns beautifully.
3. The barometer's glass tube contained mercury, which rose and fell with atmospheric pressure.
4. She relied on the barometer to plan her outdoor activities.
5. A digital barometer provided more accurate readings than the traditional mercury-filled one.
6. The barometer's dial indicated a high-pressure system was moving in.

History and etymology of barometer

The noun 'barometer' has a fascinating etymology rooted in Greek and Latin. It derives from two ancient words: 'baros' in Greek, meaning 'weight,' and 'metron' in Greek, meaning 'measure.' The combination of these terms led to the creation of 'barometron' in the 17th century, a word that described an instrument designed to measure atmospheric pressure by balancing the weight of the air column above it. Over time, 'barometron' was shortened to 'barometer,' the term we commonly use today. This etymology highlights the fundamental principle behind the instrument, which is the measurement of the weight or pressure of the atmosphere, as implied by its Greek and Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of barometer

1. The ship's captain checked the barometer regularly to ensure safe navigation.
2. Meteorologists use barometers to track shifts in air pressure.
3. The barometer's design had an elegant, vintage charm.
4. When the barometer showed a rapid drop, everyone prepared for a storm.
5. The barometer's needle twitched as the wind picked up.
6. He adjusted the barometer to account for altitude changes in the mountains.
7. The barometer's accuracy was crucial for predicting weather on the farm.
8. A sudden rise in the barometer meant clear skies were ahead.
9. The barometer's case was made of polished mahogany.
10. A portable barometer allowed hikers to monitor weather conditions on the go.
11. The old sailor could predict a coming squall by simply observing his barometer.
12. The barometer's glass was etched with intricate patterns.
13. The antique barometer had been in the family for generations.
14. The barometer's needle swung back and forth during the turbulent storm.
15. They consulted the barometer before deciding to go fishing.
16. The barometer's reading confirmed that a front was moving through the area.
17. The barometer's delicate craftsmanship made it a cherished heirloom.
18. The opinion polls are a good barometer of public sentiment.
19. The sales figures serve as a barometer of consumer demand.
20. The temperature is a barometer of the weather.
21. The unemployment rate is a barometer of the job market.
22. The crime rate is a barometer of the safety of a city.
23. The voter turnout is a barometer of the level of civic engagement.
24. The real estate market is a barometer of the economy.
25. The gross domestic product (GDP) is a barometer of the economic health of a country.
26. The social media trends can be a barometer of popular opinion.
27. The approval ratings are a barometer of the performance of a political leader.
28. The level of consumer confidence is a barometer of the economic outlook.


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