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How to pronounce battery (audio)

Dictionary definition of battery

A unit or group of artillery guns that are organized and deployed together.
"The infantry advanced under the cover of the battery's suppressive fire."

Detailed meaning of battery

A battery typically consists of several cannons, howitzers, or other artillery pieces, along with the necessary equipment and personnel to operate and support them. These weapons are designed to deliver firepower against enemy targets over long distances. Batteries play a crucial role in providing indirect fire support to ground forces during combat operations. They are strategically positioned and utilized to engage and suppress enemy positions, disrupt enemy movements, or provide defensive coverage. The term "battery" originates from the historical practice of grouping artillery pieces in a formation that resembled a battery of guns, aligned side by side, ready to unleash a concentrated barrage of projectiles. Modern batteries employ advanced technologies and tactics to deliver accurate and devastating firepower, significantly impacting the outcome of military engagements.

Example sentences of battery

1. The enemy's artillery battery launched a fierce bombardment on our positions.
2. The battery of howitzers unleashed a torrent of explosive shells upon the enemy.
3. The battery commander ordered the cannons to switch targets and engage the armored vehicles.
4. The battery's accurate and timely strikes devastated the enemy's defensive fortifications.
5. The soldiers scrambled to reload the cannons in the battery during a lull in the fighting.
6. The reconnaissance team reported the presence of an enemy battery hidden in the hills.

History and etymology of battery

The noun 'battery,' when referring to a unit or group of artillery guns, has a fascinating etymology. Its origins can be traced back to the late 16th century and are closely linked to the French word 'batterie.' In French, 'batterie' originally referred to the act of beating or pounding, which is derived from the verb 'battre.' Over time, this term evolved to encompass not only the action of battering but also the artillery guns themselves. This transformation reflects the notion that these guns 'beat' or 'pounded' the enemy with their firepower when organized and deployed together as a cohesive unit, giving rise to the military sense of the word 'battery' that we use today.

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Further usage examples of battery

1. The forward observer called for fire support from the nearby battery to neutralize the enemy's machine gun nests.
2. The battery's sustained barrage shook the ground, creating chaos among the opposing forces.
3. The resupply convoy delivered fresh ammunition to the battery to ensure continuous fire support.
4. The enemy attempted to silence our battery by launching a counter-battery attack.
5. The battery's accurate long-range shots proved instrumental in supporting our troops' advance.
6. The battery of cannons was positioned on the hill.
7. The artillery battery fired in precise unison.
8. The military deployed a powerful battery of weapons.
9. The enemy's battery launched a barrage of shells.
10. The coastal defenses included a formidable battery.
11. The battery of howitzers bombarded the enemy.
12. The cannon battery defended the fortification.
13. The mobile artillery battery moved swiftly.
14. The warships carried a lethal battery of guns.
15. The battery's firepower was unmatched.
16. The battery of mortars provided indirect fire support.
17. The artillery battery shelled the advancing troops.
18. The battery commander ordered the cannons to fire.
19. The battery's strategic location controlled the battlefield.
20. The tank battalion included a self-propelled battery.
21. The heavy artillery battery caused massive destruction.
22. The field battery covered the infantry's advance.
23. The battery's firepower intimidated the enemy.
24. The coastal battery protected the harbor from invaders.
25. The battery's accuracy was critical in battle.



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