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kindness, malevolence, hostility, cruelty



How to pronounce benevolence (audio)

Dictionary definition of benevolence

The quality or act of being kind, generous, and inclined to do good.
"The teacher's patience and kindness demonstrated a true spirit of benevolence towards her students."

Detailed meaning of benevolence

It represents a genuine concern for the well-being and happiness of others, often accompanied by acts of goodwill and selflessness. Benevolence embodies a positive and compassionate attitude, reflecting a genuine desire to help and bring about positive change in the lives of others. It involves actions driven by empathy, sympathy, and a sense of moral duty to alleviate suffering, support others, and promote general welfare. Benevolence can be demonstrated through various means, such as charitable giving, volunteering, acts of kindness, and efforts to promote social justice. It is rooted in a deep sense of care, love, and respect for humanity, often guided by principles of fairness, justice, and equality. Ultimately, benevolence represents the embodiment of a generous and compassionate spirit, reflecting the belief in the inherent goodness and value of all individuals.

Example sentences of benevolence

1. The wealthy philanthropist was known for her acts of benevolence towards the less fortunate.
2. The community rallied together to celebrate the spirit of benevolence during the holiday season.
3. His benevolence touched the lives of many, as he generously donated to various charitable causes.
4. The organization recognized her benevolence with an award for her outstanding contributions to society.
5. The elderly woman's benevolence was evident in her constant acts of kindness towards her neighbors.
6. The foundation's mission was to promote acts of benevolence and improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

History and etymology of benevolence

The noun 'benevolence' has its etymological origins in Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'benevolentia,' which is a combination of 'bene,' meaning 'well' or 'good,' and 'volentia,' meaning 'wishing' or 'willingness.' 'Benevolentia' conveyed the idea of goodwill or the disposition to do good deeds for others. As Latin evolved into Old French, this concept was encapsulated in the term 'benevolence,' which eventually made its way into Middle English. In modern English, 'benevolence' refers to the quality or act of being kind, generous, and inclined to do good, reflecting its historical association with goodwill and the desire to benefit others. Thus, the etymology of 'benevolence' underscores its fundamental connection to the inclination to promote the well-being of others through acts of kindness and generosity.

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Further usage examples of benevolence

1. The philanthropic couple dedicated their lives to spreading benevolence and making a positive impact.
2. The corporation's corporate social responsibility initiatives reflected their commitment to benevolence.
3. The act of anonymous benevolence brought joy and gratitude to the recipient's heart.
4. The orphanage was built with the benevolence of a generous benefactor.
5. The world needs more acts of benevolence to create a compassionate and harmonious society.
6. Her benevolence touched the hearts of everyone she met.
7. The community admired his lifelong acts of benevolence.
8. Acts of benevolence can create a ripple of positivity.
9. The charity event celebrated the spirit of benevolence.
10. Benevolence is a trait that can unite people.
11. Her benevolence extended to animals, too.
12. He received an award for his outstanding benevolence.
13. The act of donating is a powerful form of benevolence.
14. Benevolence can make the world a better place.
15. The orphanage thrived thanks to the benevolence of donors.
16. Small acts of benevolence can brighten someone's day.
17. Benevolence often goes unrecognized but leaves a lasting impact.
18. His benevolence knew no bounds, even in difficult times.
19. The organization is dedicated to promoting benevolence.
20. Kindness and benevolence are essential virtues.
21. Acts of benevolence create a sense of community.
22. Teachers often display benevolence in nurturing students.
23. Her benevolence shone through her volunteer work.
24. Generosity and benevolence go hand in hand.
25. Benevolence can be a guiding principle in life.



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