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How to pronounce berate (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'berate'

To scold or criticize someone severely, often in a harsh or abusive manner.
"The politician used his speech to berate his opponents."

Detailed meaning of 'berate'

It implies a sense of verbal attack or an aggressive form of criticism, often done in a public or confrontational way. For example, a parent may berate a child for not doing their homework or an employee may be berated by their manager for not meeting their deadlines. The word can also be used to describe a situation where someone is being scolded or criticized in a harsh or abusive manner, often in a way that is considered excessive or unwarranted. Berating can also imply a sense of power imbalance, where the person doing the berating has more authority or power than the person being berated. It can be seen as a negative behavior and can have negative consequences for the person being berated and the relationship.

History and etymology of 'berate'

The verb 'berate' has an etymology that reflects its harsh and critical nature. It is believed to have originated from the Middle English word 'beraten,' which meant 'to scold' or 'reprove.' The Middle English term, in turn, was influenced by the Old French word 'beraer,' meaning 'to rebuke' or 'chide.' 'Berate' describes the act of scolding or criticizing someone severely, often in a harsh or abusive manner. Its etymology underscores the idea of a stern and forceful verbal reprimand, highlighting the intensity and severity of the criticism or rebuke directed towards another person.

Example sentences containing 'berate'

1. Teachers should encourage students, not berate them.
2. It’s easy to berate someone when you’re angry.
3. The chef tends to berate his staff during service.
4. It's not fair to berate someone for something they didn't do.
5. The sergeant will berate any soldier who fails to follow orders.
6. People often berate themselves for things beyond their control.
7. To berate a friend over a minor issue can damage the relationship.
8. If you berate the customer service representative, you're less likely to get help.
9. It’s important to offer constructive criticism, rather than just berate someone for their mistakes.
10. The angry customer continued to berate the cashier, even after receiving a refund.
11. The teacher had to step in when the students started to berate a classmate.
12. It's easy to berate someone online without thinking about their feelings.
13. In sports, some coaches believe that they can motivate players if they berate them, but it's not always effective.
14. The coach berated the team for their poor performance during the game.



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