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How to pronounce besmirch (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'besmirch'

To tarnish or sully someone's reputation by spreading false or damaging information.
"She was accused of trying to besmirch the reputation of her colleague."

Detailed Meaning of 'besmirch'

It implies a deliberate attempt to discredit or defame someone or something. To besmirch someone's reputation is to cast doubt on their character or integrity, usually by making unfounded accusations or spreading rumors. This verb can also be used to describe the act of staining or soiling something, either literally or figuratively. In this sense, besmirch is often used to describe a situation where something that was once considered pure or innocent has been tainted or defiled. Overall, the term 'besmirch' is used to describe the deliberate act of damaging or sullying the reputation of someone or something, usually with the intention of causing harm or discrediting them.

History and Etymology of 'besmirch'

The verb 'besmirch' finds its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'besmirchen,' which is a combination of 'be-' (a prefix indicating completeness or thoroughness) and 'smirchen,' meaning 'to smear' or 'to defile.' This Middle English term was derived from the Old English word 'smyrcan,' which meant 'to soil' or 'to pollute.' Therefore, 'besmirch' etymologically implies a thorough or complete act of tarnishing or sullying, as if one were smearing a substance over something pure and clean. In its contemporary usage, 'besmirch' pertains to the act of damaging someone's reputation by spreading false or damaging information, effectively portraying the notion of staining or defiling their character through slander or false accusations.

Examples of 'besmirch' in a Sentence

1. They resorted to desperate tactics to besmirch their opponent's credibility.
2. The scandalous revelations were meant to besmirch the reputation of the business tycoon.
3. Despite their efforts to besmirch him, he remained untainted in the public's eyes.
4. The political rival launched a smear campaign to besmirch the candidate's record.
5. Their intention was to besmirch the achievements of the award-winning scientist.
6. Journalists were accused of trying to besmirch the athlete's achievements by questioning their legitimacy.
7. The malicious comments were aimed at besmirching her professional accomplishments.
8. The rival company resorted to false advertising to besmirch our product's reputation.
9. The online trolls relentlessly tried to besmirch the influencer's image.
10. They resorted to mudslinging to besmirch the reputation of their opponent.
11. The gossip columnist spared no effort to besmirch the celebrity's personal life.
12. The disgruntled employee made baseless accusations to besmirch the company's reputation.
13. Critics attempted to besmirch the author's literary works by questioning their originality.
14. The smear campaign failed to besmirch the charity organization's good name.





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