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How to pronounce bonhomie (audio)

Dictionary definition of bonhomie

A pleasant and friendly atmosphere or disposition characterized by a sincere and good-natured attitude.
"His bonhomie was infectious, and he quickly made friends with everyone."

Detailed meaning of bonhomie

It is derived from the French word 'bonhomme', which means 'good man'. Bonhomie is often associated with an easy-going and affable demeanor that makes people feel comfortable and welcomed. It can be observed in various social contexts, such as parties, gatherings, or interactions between acquaintances. The expression of bonhomie can be contagious, as it tends to create a positive and uplifting environment, where people are more open and receptive to each other. Overall, bonhomie is a quality that is highly valued in interpersonal relationships, as it fosters a sense of mutual respect and camaraderie.

Example sentences of bonhomie

1. The party had a delightful bonhomie that made everyone feel at ease.
2. The warmth and bonhomie of the staff made our stay at the hotel very pleasant.
3. She exuded a sense of bonhomie that drew people towards her.
4. The atmosphere in the room was full of bonhomie, as old friends reunited after a long time.
5. The chef's bonhomie was evident in the delicious food he prepared with a smile.
6. The bonhomie between the coworkers made the workday pass by quickly.

History and etymology of bonhomie

The noun 'bonhomie' has its etymological roots in French. It is derived from the French word 'bonhomme,' which combines 'bon,' meaning 'good,' and 'homme,' meaning 'man' or 'person.' 'Bonhomme' was used to describe a good-natured or amiable person. Over time, the term evolved to encompass the idea of a pleasant and friendly atmosphere or disposition characterized by a sincere and good-natured attitude. 'Bonhomie' captures the essence of a warm and affable demeanor, often creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and conviviality. It reflects the notion of being genuinely good-hearted and sociable, fostering positive interactions and a congenial atmosphere. Therefore, the etymology of 'bonhomie' highlights its historical connection to the concept of good-natured and friendly interactions, emphasizing the sincerity and warmth of human relationships.

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Further usage examples of bonhomie

1. His bonhomie extended to even strangers, making them feel welcome in his company.
2. The camaraderie and bonhomie among the team members were crucial in achieving their common goal.
3. The host's bonhomie put everyone at ease, and the conversation flowed effortlessly.
4. The bonhomie of the community was evident in the way they rallied together during times of crisis.
5. The bonhomie that exists between the neighbors is something to be cherished and nurtured.
6. The holiday gathering was filled with warmth and bonhomie.
7. Their shared love for music created an atmosphere of bonhomie.
8. The team's success was attributed to the bonhomie among members.
9. The bonhomie at the neighborhood block party was infectious.
10. The workplace thrived due to the manager's sense of bonhomie.
11. His charisma brought a sense of bonhomie to any gathering.
12. The bonhomie among the hikers made the trek enjoyable.
13. Their bonhomie was evident in the smiles and laughter they shared.
14. The restaurant's ambiance exuded an air of bonhomie.
15. The bonhomie of the book club meetings fostered great discussions.
16. The festival was marked by its sense of community and bonhomie.
17. In their home, the spirit of bonhomie was always present.
18. The bonhomie among colleagues made long work hours bearable.
19. Their bonhomie extended to their willingness to help one another.
20. The classroom was a place of learning and bonhomie.
21. The bonhomie at the charity event was heartwarming.
22. His warm welcome created an atmosphere of bonhomie.
23. The bonhomie among old friends was still palpable.
24. The bonhomie of the neighborhood barbecue brought everyone closer.
25. The team's camaraderie was built on a foundation of bonhomie.



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