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bravado, timidity, meekness, cowardice



How to pronounce bravado (audio)

Dictionary definition of bravado

A bold and confident manner or behavior, often intended to impress or intimidate others.
"He acted with bravado, but it was clear he was out of his depth."

Detailed meaning of bravado

It is characterized by a show of courage, defiance, or audacity, and may be accompanied by a lack of genuine fear or concern. The term is often used to describe a false or exaggerated display of courage, especially in the face of danger or adversity. In a sentence, "The soldier's bravado in battle impressed his comrades, but his superiors saw through his act and knew he was hiding his true fear."

Example sentences of bravado

1. His bravado wowed the crowd, but inside, doubt gnawed at his confidence.
2. Bravado hid his insecurities, yet he yearned for genuine self-assurance.
3. Bravado: a mask concealing the vulnerability he dared not reveal.
4. Her bravado impressed many, but only a few glimpsed her true doubts.
5. Their bravado faltered in the face of the daunting challenge ahead.
6. Bravado often masks the fear lurking beneath the surface.

History and etymology of bravado

The noun 'bravado' has its origins in the Spanish word 'bravata,' which is derived from 'bravo,' meaning 'bold' or 'courageous.' In Spanish, 'bravata' was used to describe acts or behavior characterized by boldness or courage, often intended to impress or intimidate others. In English, 'bravado' was adopted in the 16th century to refer to a bold and confident manner or behavior that is often a show of courage or self-assuredness, but may also carry an element of boastfulness or bravura. The etymology of 'bravado' underscores its historical connection to the concept of boldness and courage, emphasizing the theatrical and often exaggerated nature of behaviors intended to convey an image of fearlessness or confidence.

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Further usage examples of bravado

1. Behind his bravado was a heart longing for acceptance and love.
2. Bold bravado belied the anxious heart beneath his strong facade.
3. His bravado in adversity was truly awe-inspiring and genuine.
4. Bravado faded when confronted with the gravity of the situation.
5. He put on a show of bravado, but deep down he was scared.
6. Her bravado in the face of danger impressed her colleagues.
7. The criminal's bravado was no match for the detective's skills.
8. The soldier's bravado was legendary, and he never backed down from a fight.
9. His bravado was a cover for his lack of confidence.
10. The football player's bravado on the field was matched by his humility off the field.
11. The young entrepreneur's bravado was admirable but sometimes reckless.
12. He was holding a weak hand and hoped the other poker players would not see through his bravado.
13. The singer's stage bravado belied a shy personality offstage.
14. The bravado of the businessman was often mistaken for arrogance.
15. The pilot's bravado helped to keep the passengers calm during the turbulence.
16. The firefighter's bravado was an inspiration to her team.
17. Bravado crumbled as reality set in, revealing their vulnerability.
18. She used bravado to shield her insecurities from the world.
19. His bravado was a defense against the fear of failure.
20. Bravado can be a fragile shield against life's uncertainties.
21. The bravado in his voice masked the sadness in his eyes.
22. Bravado often conceals the deepest wounds of the soul.
23. Beneath the bravado, he carried the weight of his past.
24. Bravado couldn't hide the truth of her inner turmoil.
25. Their bravado was a facade they desperately clung to.
26. In the end, it was his quiet courage, not bravado, that inspired.



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