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cruelty, kindness, gentleness, compassion



How to pronounce brutality (audio)

Dictionary definition of brutality

The quality or state of being extremely cruel, violent, and inhumane in one's actions or behavior.
"The brutality of war left a lasting impact on the survivors."

Detailed meaning of brutality

It denotes acts of extreme physical or psychological violence, cruelty, or harshness inflicted upon others, often resulting in severe physical or emotional harm. Brutality can manifest in various forms, including physical abuse, torture, oppression, or the excessive use of force, and it is characterized by a lack of compassion, empathy, or regard for the well-being and dignity of others. This term is commonly used to describe actions or behaviors that are morally reprehensible and violate basic principles of human rights and ethics. Addressing and condemning brutality is a fundamental aspect of promoting justice, human dignity, and a humane society.

Example sentences of brutality

1. The brutality of the crime shocked the entire community.
2. The protestors decried the police brutality at the rally.
3. The movie depicted the brutality of war in vivid detail.
4. Survivors of the disaster endured unimaginable brutality.
5. His brutality towards animals raised concerns among neighbors.
6. The regime's brutality led to widespread human rights violations.

History and etymology of brutality

The noun 'brutality' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'brutalis,' which is derived from 'brutus,' meaning 'dull' or 'stupid.' In Latin, 'brutalis' originally referred to things that were characteristic of or suitable for animals, reflecting a sense of crudeness and lack of refinement. Over time, this notion evolved into the concept of extreme cruelty, violence, and inhumanity in one's actions or behavior, as if one were behaving in a manner devoid of reason or humanity, much like an animal. Thus, the etymology of 'brutality' vividly conveys its historical connection to behaviors that are marked by a profound and often savage lack of compassion or humanity.

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Further usage examples of brutality

1. The history book chronicled the brutality of ancient civilizations.
2. She couldn't bear to witness the brutality of the fight.
3. The prison warden was notorious for his brutality.
4. The survivor's account of the brutality during captivity was harrowing.
5. The boxer was known for his strength and brutality in the ring.
6. The brutality of the natural world can be unforgiving.
7. The soldier struggled with the memories of wartime brutality.
8. The documentary exposed the brutality of child labor.
9. The brutality of the criminal's actions left a lasting impact.
10. The novel explored the psychological effects of brutality.
11. The investigation uncovered a long history of brutality within the organization.
12. The coach was fired for condoning player brutality on the field.
13. The community came together to combat the brutality of bullying.
14. The scars from the brutality of the accident served as a constant reminder.
15. The police officers were accused of using unnecessary brutality during the arrest.
16. The brutality of nature can be seen in the devastation left behind by natural disasters.
17. The movie's realism was amplified by the portrayal of brutality and violence.
18. The protesters were met with brutality from the authorities, leaving many injured.
19. The animal cruelty depicted in the video was shocking in its brutality.
20. The novel explores the psychological effects of brutality on both victims and perpetrators.
21. The boxer was known for his relentless brutality in the ring.
22. The history of colonialism is characterized by its brutality and exploitation.
23. The report uncovered evidence of systemic brutality and corruption within the prison system.
24. The artist's work explores themes of social injustice and police brutality.
25. The soldiers were ordered to use maximum brutality to quell the rebellion.



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