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How to pronounce bundle (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'bundle'

To gather or group things together and secure them as a unified package.
"The passengers bundle their luggage into the overhead compartments on the plane."

Detailed meaning of 'bundle'

When you bundle items, you bring them together in a compact and organized manner, often wrapping or tying them with something like a rope, string, or packaging material. It involves consolidating multiple objects or elements into a single entity for the purpose of storage, transportation, or convenience. For example, you might bundle up a pile of clothes for donation or bundle a collection of cables for neat storage. Additionally, "bundle" can also refer to offering or selling multiple items or services together as a package deal. This way, customers can purchase several items or services at once, often at a discounted price, providing them with added value and convenience.

History and etymology of 'bundle'

The word 'bundle' traces its origins back to the late Middle English period. It is derived from the Middle Dutch word 'bundel' and the Old French word 'bundel,' both of which share a common Germanic root. This root can be traced to the Old High German word 'bunda,' meaning 'offering' or 'sacrifice.' The transition from the idea of a sacrificial offering to the modern sense of gathering and securing things together as a unified package is intriguing. Over time, the word 'bundle' evolved to represent the act of collecting items and binding them together, reflecting its historical journey from rituals to practicality.

Example sentences containing 'bundle'

1. She began to bundle the papers into a neat stack.
2. We should bundle the clothes for donation this weekend.
3. The software allows you to bundle multiple files into one archive.
4. The hiker needed to bundle up in layers for the cold hike.
5. They decided to bundle their resources to fund the project.
6. They bundle the firewood and carry it back to camp.
7. Parents bundle their children in warm clothes during winter.
8. Farmers bundle the hay to store it for the livestock.
9. When it rains, people bundle their belongings to keep them dry.
10. You should bundle your old clothes and donate them to charity.
11. The company will bundle the software with the new computer.
12. She likes to bundle her hair into a neat bun for work.
13. The workers bundle the newspapers early in the morning.
14. Scouts learn how to bundle sticks to make campfires.
15. Florists bundle flowers into beautiful bouquets for customers.
16. The publisher decided to bundle several books into a special edition.
17. Retailers often bundle products to offer discounts to consumers.
18. The gardener will bundle the trimmings and put them in the compost.
19. The children bundle their toys in a blanket to create a treasure sack.
20. On cold days, people bundle up before going outside.
21. Let's bundle these documents together and file them away.
22. If you bundle your internet and phone services, you might save money.
23. The chef asks his apprentice to bundle the herbs for the soup.
24. In textile mills, they bundle the fabric after production.



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