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How to pronounce carafe (audio)

Dictionary definition of carafe

A glass or ceramic container with a narrow neck and a broad base, typically used for serving beverages.
"The hostess poured wine from a beautiful crystal carafe."

Detailed meaning of carafe

It is designed to hold and pour liquids, such as water, wine, juice, or coffee. Carafes often have a capacity of several cups or liters, allowing for easy sharing and serving of drinks during meals or gatherings. They are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, and homes as a stylish and functional alternative to individual serving glasses. Carafes may feature a lid or stopper to help preserve the freshness and temperature of the liquid. Some carafes are specifically designed for wine, with a long, slender neck to facilitate pouring and enhance the aroma of the wine. Additionally, carafes can also be used for decanting, which involves transferring wine or other beverages from its original bottle to the carafe to allow for aeration and separation of any sediment.

Example sentences of carafe

1. The waiter brought a carafe of water to the table.
2. The hotel room came with complimentary coffee in a carafe.
3. The restaurant served fresh orange juice in a stylish carafe.
4. The coffee shop offered self-serve carafes for customers.
5. The caterer filled the carafes with refreshing lemonade for the event.
6. The wine connoisseur decanted the vintage Bordeaux into a crystal carafe.

History and etymology of carafe

The noun 'carafe' has a charming etymology rooted in the Arabic language. It is derived from the Arabic word 'gharrāf,' which referred to a drinking vessel or container. This term made its way into medieval Europe through trade and cultural exchange, particularly during the Middle Ages when there was significant interaction between Arabic-speaking cultures and Europe. Over time, the word 'gharrāf' evolved into the French word 'carafe,' which described a glass or ceramic container with a narrow neck and a broad base, often used for serving beverages. The etymology of 'carafe' thus highlights the historical connections and influences between different cultures and languages, resulting in the adoption of this elegant term for a common vessel used in dining and beverage service.

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Further usage examples of carafe

1. The bedside table had a carafe of water and a glass for the guests' convenience.
2. The server replaced the empty carafe with a full one during brunch.
3. The barista expertly poured steamed milk into a carafe for the latte.
4. The elegant centerpiece on the dining table featured a flower-filled carafe.
5. The office meeting room had a carafe of hot water for making tea or coffee.
6. The restaurant offered a choice of red or white wine carafes.
7. The hostess topped up the guests' glasses from a large carafe of sangria.
8. The café served iced tea in a glass carafe with fresh lemon slices.
9. The bed and breakfast provided a carafe of orange juice and a basket of pastries for breakfast.
10. The wedding reception featured personalized carafes filled with signature cocktails.
11. The bar stocked a variety of liquor in carafes for mixing drinks.
12. The picnic basket contained a carafe of chilled rosé wine.
13. The spa offered infused water in carafes with flavors like cucumber and mint.
14. The waiter placed a crystal carafe of water on the table.
15. She poured the rich, red wine from the carafe into our glasses.
16. The coffee shop offered a carafe of freshly brewed java.
17. The elegant carafe held a vibrant bouquet of flowers.
18. He carefully decanted the aged whiskey into a crystal carafe.
19. The restaurant served ice-cold sangria in a glass carafe.
20. We sipped fragrant tea from a delicate porcelain carafe.
21. The hostess gracefully filled our glasses from the wine carafe.
22. The barista handed me a carafe of freshly pressed orange juice.
23. The meeting room had a carafe of coffee for early arrivals.
24. She admired the antique carafe on the shelf, a family heirloom.



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