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How to pronounce carnivore (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'carnivore'

An organism, typically an animal, that primarily feeds on the flesh or meat of other animals.
"A shark is a marine carnivore that feeds on other fish and animals."

Detailed Meaning of 'carnivore'

Carnivores are an essential part of the food chain and are known for their hunting and predatory behavior. They possess physical adaptations such as sharp teeth and claws, keen senses, and often a strong physique that aids in capturing and consuming prey. Carnivores can be found in various ecosystems, from land to sea, and they occupy various niches within these environments. The dietary habits of carnivores range from obligate carnivores, which can only survive on a diet of animal flesh, to facultative carnivores that may include plants or other food sources in their diet when necessary. Examples of carnivores include big cats like lions and tigers, wolves, sharks, and many bird species like eagles and falcons. They play a crucial role in controlling populations of herbivores and maintaining the ecological balance in their respective habitats.

History and Etymology of 'carnivore'

The noun 'carnivore' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin words 'caro,' meaning 'flesh,' and 'vorare,' meaning 'to devour' or 'to eat greedily.' When combined, 'carnivorus' in Latin referred to an animal that eats flesh or meat. This term was adopted into English as 'carnivore' and is used to describe organisms, typically animals, that primarily feed on the flesh or meat of other animals. The word 'carnivore' maintains a direct connection to its Latin roots, emphasizing the core characteristic of these creatures as devourers of flesh.

Examples of 'carnivore' in a Sentence

1. The crocodile is a stealthy aquatic carnivore.
2. Carnivores have sharp teeth adapted for meat consumption.
3. Tigers are solitary carnivores with striking patterns.
4. Eagles are powerful aerial carnivores.
5. Hyenas are scavenging carnivores with strong jaws.
6. Polar bears are carnivorous giants of the Arctic.
7. Hawks have keen eyesight, essential for a carnivorous lifestyle.
8. The Tasmanian devil is a feisty marsupial carnivore.
9. Carnivores often have a high metabolism due to their diet.
10. The owl is a nocturnal carnivore known for silent flight.
11. Falcons are skilled avian carnivores used in falconry.
12. Jaguars are elusive rainforest carnivores.
13. Carnivores are part of the food web, regulating prey populations.
14. The komodo dragon is an impressive reptilian carnivore.
15. Lions are known for being fierce carnivores in the animal kingdom.
16. The zookeeper carefully monitored the carnivores to ensure their safety.
17. Wolves are powerful carnivores that hunt in packs.
18. A crocodile is a large, carnivorous reptile that lives in freshwater habitats.
19. The domestic cat is a carnivore that requires a diet rich in animal protein.
20. The Siberian tiger is the largest carnivore in the world.
21. Snakes are carnivores that swallow their prey whole.
22. The bird of prey is a carnivorous bird that feeds on other birds and small mammals.
23. Polar bears are apex carnivores in the Arctic food chain.
24. Some dinosaurs were carnivorous and hunted smaller herbivorous dinosaurs.
25. The Komodo dragon is a large, carnivorous lizard found in Indonesia.





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