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How to pronounce carriage (audio)

Dictionary definition of carriage

A vehicle designed for transporting people or goods.
"The horse-drawn carriage made its way gracefully through the cobblestone streets."

Detailed meaning of carriage

It typically consists of a strong and enclosed structure mounted on wheels, pulled by horses, or powered by other means of propulsion. Carriages have been used throughout history as a primary mode of transportation before the advent of automobiles. They come in various forms and sizes, including coaches, chariots, wagons, and carts, each serving different purposes. Carriages often feature seating or cargo areas inside, sometimes with partitions or compartments for different passengers or items. They may be adorned with decorative elements, such as ornate trimmings or paintwork, showcasing their historical and cultural significance. In modern usage, the term 'carriage' is also commonly associated with the passenger compartment of a train or a tram. In this context, it refers to the enclosed area where passengers sit or stand during their journey.

Example sentences of carriage

1. The antique carriage on display at the museum showcased the elegance of a bygone era.
2. We took a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the park.
3. The luggage was loaded onto the carriage before the journey began.
4. The royal carriage, adorned with gold accents, carried the queen to the palace.
5. The passenger carriage of the train was spacious and comfortable.
6. The carriage driver skillfully maneuvered through the busy city streets.

History and etymology of carriage

The noun 'carriage' has an etymology rooted in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'carriage,' which meant a vehicle with wheels used for transporting goods. This Old French term, in turn, came from the Latin word 'carrus,' which referred to a wheeled vehicle or cart. The Latin 'carrus' has its origins in the Gaulish language, spoken in ancient Gaul (modern-day France), highlighting the influence of different cultures on the development of the word. Over time, 'carriage' expanded to encompass various types of vehicles designed for transporting people or goods, reflecting its historical association with wheeled conveyances. Its etymology underscores the enduring importance of wheeled transportation in human civilization and commerce.

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Further usage examples of carriage

1. The wooden carriage creaked as it rolled along the bumpy road.
2. The carriage wheels rattled on the uneven terrain.
3. We rented a carriage for our wedding day, adding a touch of old-world charm.
4. The carriage was pulled by a team of powerful horses.
5. The baggage was securely strapped to the carriage for the long trip.
6. The elegant carriage arrived at the grand ball.
7. The horse-drawn carriage clattered down the cobblestone street.
8. The royal carriage was adorned with gold accents.
9. The luggage was loaded onto the train carriage.
10. The antique carriage was a relic from the past.
11. The stagecoach carriage rattled along the desert trail.
12. The Cinderella story features a magical pumpkin carriage.
13. The carriage offered a smooth ride through the countryside.
14. The passengers boarded the first-class train carriage.
15. The carriage driver navigated the winding mountain roads.
16. The horse-drawn carriage was a popular tourist attraction.
17. The carriage procession marked the beginning of the parade.
18. The weary travelers sought shelter in a covered carriage.
19. The fancy carriage was reserved for the bride and groom.
20. The cargo carriage transported goods across the continent.
21. The vintage carriage showcased intricate craftsmanship.
22. The palace carriage was fit for a king.
23. The streetcar carriage clanged its bell through the city.
24. The old carriage house was converted into a cozy cottage.



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