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How to pronounce carriageway (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'carriageway'

The part of a road or highway that is specifically designed and designated for vehicular traffic.
"The carriageway was lined with trees, providing a scenic drive through the countryside."

Detailed Meaning of 'carriageway'

It represents the portion where vehicles travel, typically consisting of one or multiple lanes in each direction, separated by dividing lines or barriers. The carriageway is specifically engineered to facilitate the smooth flow of vehicles, providing a safe and efficient transportation route. It serves as a crucial component of road infrastructure, accommodating various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses. The carriageway is typically paved and maintained to ensure a suitable driving surface, and it may include features such as markings, signage, and lighting to aid drivers in navigation and safety. Additionally, the carriageway may have different speed limits, lane configurations, or specific rules depending on the road type, such as highways, urban roads, or rural routes. It is an essential element of a road network, allowing for the movement of vehicles and facilitating connectivity between different destinations.

History and Etymology of 'carriageway'

The noun 'carriageway' has a straightforward etymology directly related to its function. It is a compound word formed by combining 'carriage' and 'way.' As previously discussed, 'carriage' originates from Old French and Latin, referring to vehicles or conveyances. 'Way' is derived from Old English and denotes a path or route. When combined, 'carriageway' specifically refers to the part of a road or highway that is designed and designated for vehicular traffic. Its etymology emphasizes its role as the designated route for vehicles, highlighting the clear and practical nature of the term in describing this essential element of road infrastructure.

Examples of 'carriageway' in a Sentence

1. The carriageway markings clearly indicated the lanes and directions for drivers.
2. The speed limit on the carriageway was set at 70 miles per hour.
3. The carriageway expansion project aimed to alleviate traffic congestion in the area.
4. The carriageway had designated emergency lanes for breakdowns or accidents.
5. The carriageway resurfacing improved the driving experience by eliminating potholes and uneven surfaces.
6. The carriageway was packed with rush-hour traffic.
7. The highway's carriageway had multiple lanes.
8. The carriageway was closed for maintenance.
9. The accident occurred on the busy carriageway.
10. The carriageway was well-lit for nighttime driving.
11. The carriageway had clear lane markings.
12. The carriageway was divided by a concrete barrier.
13. The construction crew repaved the carriageway.
14. The carriageway was congested during the holiday weekend.
15. The speed limit on the carriageway was strictly enforced.
16. The carriageway featured an exit for the next town.
17. The carriageway's smooth surface allowed for fast travel.
18. The accident caused a lane closure on the carriageway.
19. The carriageway was bordered by lush greenery.





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